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Knee replacement

When knee pain keeps you from enjoying life and doing the things you want to do, it's time to talk to one of the orthopedic specialists at Norton King's Daughters' Health. A variety of knee replacement treatment options are available, including partial and total knee replacement surgery. As part of our Joint Replacement Program, patients who choose total knee replacement at Norton KDH receive a comprehensive knee replacement care plan that includes pre-surgery evaluation and post-surgery follow-up. We want you to have an exceptional experience and successful recovery. As we like to say, It's your life. Go live it!

Knee replacement at Norton KDH

Minimally invasive surgery

Knee replacement is a proven solution for the treatment of advanced knee arthritis. The minimally invasive, or muscle-sparing, approach is now an option for most patients. With this approach, the orthopedic surgeon does not have to cut through the muscles or tendons around the knee in order to perform the surgery. Traditional knee replacement is also available for patients who may need or prefer that approach.

The less invasive approach offers a more rapid recovery to traditional knee replacement. Because the muscles around the knee are spared, patients meet therapy goals quickly. Most patients are up and walking with therapy the same day as their surgery. Most patients go home the day after surgery. By not cutting muscle, knee strength returns much quicker, this option allows patients the ability to resume their favorite activities sooner. This replacement option approach has also been found to result in less postoperative pain compared with traditional knee replacement.

Partial knee replacement

With some knee arthritis, only one part of the knee is involved. In this situation, a partial knee replacement may be an option. With partial knee replacement, only the diseased compartment of the knee is replaced. This offers several potential advantages over a traditional full knee replacement option. It preserves more of the patient's normal anatomy, is less invasive and offers better satisfaction for well-suited patients.

Arthroscopic surgery

Knee arthroscopy is a procedure in which surgery is performed through two small incisions (less than 1 centimeter long). A camera with specialized instruments is inserted into the knee. Knee arthroscopy is often an option for patients with torn cartilage/meniscus or early stages of knee arthritis. Knee arthroscopy is performed as an outpatient procedure and generally allows for a very rapid return to work and other activities making it an easy knee replacement care plan.

Non-operative treatment options

Our goal is to provide you with the optimal approach toward treating knee pain and knee arthritis. In many cases, total or partial knee replacement can be delayed or avoided with other therapies. Non-operative treatment options include injections, bracing and arthritis medications. One of the newest approaches is using hyaluronic acid, a medicine which has been shown to both help relieve osteoarthritis pain and also slow the progression of the disease. Additional therapies such as platelet-rich plasma injections may also be an option.

Comprehensive Joint Replacement Program

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