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Fracture care

The orthopedic surgeons at King's Daughters' Health provide comprehensive care for bone fractures, from serious acute fractures to chronic and simple fractures. Most fractures can be successfully treated with splinting or casting. If needed, surgical intervention is available as a part of our southern Indiana orthopedics care.

Acute fractures

Acute fractures generally occur as the result of an accident or injury. These fractures may involve the arms, legs, feet, hips or ankles—or sometimes a combination of these bones and joints. In most cases, fractures are successfully treated with nonsurgical intervention. Like other fractures, this may involve splinting or casting, depending on how and where the bones are fractured. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be required to stabilize the bone or joint to ensure proper healing. Surgical intervention may include rods, pins or other types of supportive components.

Pediatric care

Whether through play, sports or accidents, childhood fractures are fairly common. Depending on the location and type of fracture, common interventions include splinting or casting. With children, it's especially important for an orthopedic specialist to evaluate the injury. If the fracture is located in a joint or near a growth plate, proper healing and follow-up is critical to prevent future problems. The orthopedic team at KDH provides a wide range of solutions.

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