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Maternity Care

Family-Centered Maternity Care

Expectant mothers and their families choose King's Daughters' Health for our quality, family-centered maternity care. Our medical staff is highly skilled and compassionate. Combined with experienced nurses, the obstetrics team at King's Daughters' Health has achieved excellent patient and family satisfaction ratings.

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Our OB's and Women's Health Providers

At KDH, we pride ourselves on our expert staff. Our clinic offers some of the best providers of maternity care services in the Madison, Indiana area. Our physicians and nurse practitioners include:

Maternity Clinic and Delivery Suites

Our labor and delivery suites provide the privacy, comfort, space and amenities that most women desire for their childbirth experience. Each room has a bathroom, television, comfortable seating area and windows for natural lighting.

Once your baby has arrived and you've had time to recover, you will be moved to another private room to complete your stay. We encourage babies to room in, building an intimate connection with the family. Nurses are always close by to check on you and answer questions.

Specialty Care for Expectant Mothers

Through its providers, KDH offers advanced care most mothers would find only in larger cities:

  • VBAC (vaginal births after cesarean section) is available for appropriate candidates. Talk to your OB provider before becoming pregnant again or during one of your early OB visits. Together, the two of you can determine whether VBAC is right for you.
  • Wireless monitoring which gives mothers the ability to walk around while in labor, a form of natural pain relief.
  • Peanut balls, exercise balls used to help open the pelvis and ease labor.
  • Warm showers, another natural pain relief option. We offer shower areas where laboring moms can sit and be soothed by warm water.

Visiting Hours at King's Daughters' Health

Dads are welcome to stay overnight and throughout a mom's hospital stay. Siblings may visit as long as they are not sick or contagious. We understand the importance of sharing your celebration with family and friends. We will do our best to accommodate visiting requests. Should you desire a period of rest, tell the nursing staff and they will share your request with visitors. Free WiFi is available for you to share memories and connect with loved ones.

Prenatal Classes & Programs

To assist expectant mothers, King's Daughters' Health offers a variety of prenatal and family education classes. For details, contact the perinatal educator at 812.801.0990. We also provide a lactation consultant for moms who have questions or need assistance with breastfeeding. Social services assist moms who may need additional resources before and after delivery.

4D Ultrasound

4D Ultrasound

4D Ultrasound Scan in Madison, IN

Parents-to-be are excited to meet their baby! Now, expectant parents can view incredible images of their baby before he or she is born thanks to this amazing technology. For an upfront fee of $125, patients can have their own OB 4D ultrasound experience! Up to 10 family members and friends can be invited to share in this 4D OB Ultrasound where images are displayed on a large flat screen television. 3D images are taken by the technologist and put on a disc for the parents to take home with them.

When is the Best Time for 4D Ultrasound?

For optimal imaging, 4D Ultrasound exams should be scheduled between 27 and 30 weeks of gestation. The best time for a 4D Ultrasound for twin pregnancies is between 24 and 26 weeks of gestation.

Schedule a 4D Ultrasound

OB 4D Ultrasound exams can be scheduled by calling our medical imaging schedulers at 812.801.0440 or 812.801.0686. Please note that you do not have to be a patient at KDH to take advantage of this special offer.

Please Note:
OB 4D Ultrasound is not a diagnostic exam; it is for entertainment purposes only. Insurance does not cover OB 4D Ultrasound exams; they are self-pay only.

There are occasional limitations with OB 4D Ultrasound exams. For example, sometimes the baby’s position, amniotic fluid, or gestational age may affect the outcome of the images.

Healthy Beginnings Program

The Healthy Beginnings™ Program encompasses all that we do—providing you with a healthy and rewarding birthing experience. We want you and your new baby to have a healthy beginning together.

Our Healthy Beginnings program includes many classes—including prenatal education, Lamaze, labor and delivery, grandparent and siblings, and many more. For a complete, up-to-date listing of classes, please see our calendar.

For moms wanting to breastfeed, King's Daughters' Health provides a lactation consultant on staff to answer questions and serve as a resource.

P.R.E.P. Program

Each expectant mom will attend an obstetrics P.R.E.P. visit during week 36 or 37 of her pregnancy. This visit is done with an OB nurse and allows mom to complete necessary hospital and labor and delivery paperwork ahead of time. Individualized education is also provided, along with childbirth information. A tour of the OB or maternity unit is provided. Partners and siblings are encouraged to attend. Each expectant mom receives a free tote bag.

Ask your personal doctor about your obstetrics P.R.E.P. visit, or contact Cheryl Dean at 812.801.0990 or

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