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Direct Access Testing

Norton King's Daughters' Health offers Direct Access Testing (DAT) for many routine blood tests. DAT is available at the outpatient services desk on the first floor of the hospital or through any Norton KDH physician office location.

Advantages of Direct Access Testing:

  • Participants do not need a physician's order.
  • No appointment is required.
  • Results are mailed directly to participants. If requested, results will also be sent to your physician/provider. Results are also available by using the MyKDH Patient Portal.
  • Direct Access Testing (List of Tests/Options, PDF)

Direct Access Testing - PDF

To view a complete list of available options through Direct Access Testing, open the link below.

Direct Access Tests

  • Blood type—$25.
  • Chemistry 8 (electrolytes, glucose, creatinine)$35.
  • Chemistry wellness profile (glucose, cholesterol, liver enzymes)$35.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)$25.
  • COVID-19 Antibody Test - $75
  • Creatinine$20.
  • Diabetes panel (lipids, glucose, A1C, creatinine)$75.
  • Ferritin (anemia)$30.
  • Fingerstick glucose$15.
  • Free T4 (thyroid)$28.
  • Glycohemoglobin A1C (diabetes)$29.
  • Hemoglobin$20.
  • Iron$20.
  • Liver profile$35.
  • Medical drug screen$45.
  • Micro/Albumin - $45
  • Neonatal Bilirubin - $25.
  • Pregnancy test (serum/blood draw)$25.
  • PSA (prostate cancer)$35.
  • Strep throat screen$30.
  • Testosterone - $35.
  • TSH (thyroid)$28.
  • Uric acid$20.
  • Urine dip$20.
  • Vitamin D$45.


Payment is required at the time of service. We cannot bill Medicare, Medicaid or your personal insurance provider for DAT.

Who benefits from DAT

The program is ideal for patients who need to routinely monitor their cholesterol, blood sugar, thyroid or other blood levels. It's also beneficial for patients who need easy access for a medical drug screening or MRSA bacteria test. Please call the lab at 812.801.0178 if you have specific questions.

DAT is for screening purposes only. Norton King's Daughters' Health recommends that you seek physician interpretation for all laboratory testing. Results will be mailed to you. Results will also be available to all Norton KDH medical providers. You may request that your results be sent to another licensed healthcare practitioner at the time of service. Please provide this information when completing the standard DAT screening form.

Critical values

In the event one of the blood tests you've selected through DAT indicates a critical value—a reading (level) that could immediately impact your health status—you will be contacted via a phone call from the KDH Laboratory. You will then be responsible for contacting your physician or medical provider for follow-up care.

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