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New Patient Request Line: 812.801.8995


Visitors and patients have several parking options at Norton King's Daughters' Health.

Main Norton KDH campus

Patient and visitor parking is located in front (south side) of the Norton King's Daughters' Hospital and Main Campus Medical Building. There are three primary parking areas—although guests may park wherever they choose.

  • Parking area A is closest to the entrance to the medical building.
  • Parking area B is closest to the hospital entrance.
  • Parking area C is in front of the walk-in entrance to the Emergency Department.

Security and shuttle

If you have parking concerns or would like to have a security escort at the main campus, contact security at 812.801.0622. A Norton KDH shuttle is available (on most weekdays) during regular business hours. The free shuttle is available for patients and guests at the main campus. You may call the Norton KDH shuttle driver at 812.701.3344 to be picked up.

Downtown Medical Building and Business Operations Center

The visitor's parking lot for the Downtown Medical Building is located at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Street. Parking for the Business Operations Center is located in front of the main entrance at the end of Broadway.

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