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Medicare: Annual Wellness

Once a year, Medicare offers patients an Annual Wellness Visit - an extended and in-depth appointment - including health screenings - to help identify problems that may not have been discussed during routine visits with the patient's primary care provider.

Annual Wellness Visits are completely free.
These visits are so important that Medicare offers the service as a free benefit to their Part B beneficiaries.

Scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit:

Contact your primary care provider's office; or call
our Population Health Line at 812.801.0536.

Reasons to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit:

  • We want to keep you well. Prevention is key. Part of the visit is intended to identify your health goals for the next 5 to 10 years - and develop a plan to meet those goals.
  • Your visit includes screenings such as blood pressure, hearing, vision, fall risk, cognitive impairment, depression, and more. It's all completed during your visit and the information is shared with your primary care provider.
  • Having a yearly appointment allows us to monitor any changes to your health and make predictions for your health and wellness in the future. The AWV's can help to predict your chances of encountering health problems in the next one or two years.

Where are Annual Wellness Visits completed?

Annual Wellness Visits are conducted with our team of Population Health Nurses. They are located on the first floor of our Downtown Medical Building, 630 North Broadway, Madison. Parking is available on the corner of 5th and Broadway streets. Enter the main lobby and proceed down the first floor corridor. Our nurses are located to your right at the end of the hallway.

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