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Primary contact numbers for Norton KDH

Hospital news | Friday, February 11, 2022

We continue to experience problems with our primary phone number. Until those issues are resolved, Norton KDH encourages patients to contact their provider's office or other service locations directly. Listed below are frequently used numbers patients may need to connect with members of the Norton KDH team:

Medical Records: 812.801.0520
Medical Imaging: 812.801.0132
Rehabilitation Center: 812.801.0545
Cancer Treatment Center: 812.801.0603
Diabetes Care: 812.801.0611
Home Health: 812.801.0671
Business Office: 812.801.0161
Community Relations: 812.801.0619 | 812.801.0128

Provider Offices (Main Campus):
Pediatrics: 812.801.0300
OB/GYN: 812.801.0856
Orthopedics: 812.801.0848

Provider Offices:
Hanover Medical Building: 812.866.3301
Versailles Medical Building: 812.689.5101
Switzerland County Medical Building: 812.427.9564
Trimble County Medical Building: 502.268.5500
Carrollton Medical Building: 502.732.6956

You can find a complete list of phone numbers on our Contact Us page.

Our team members are ready to assist you. We appreciate your patience. Thank you for choosing Norton King's Daughters' Health.

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