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KDH now providing COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Hospital news | Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Contact: Dave Ommen

King’s Daughters’ Health is now providing antibody testing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Antibody testing is available to anyone at a cost of $75 per test. If desired, patients may file a personal claim with their insurance provider for potential reimbursement.

A positive antibody test indicates only that the individual tested (patient) has previously contracted COVID-19, whether known or unknown (for those that may have had mild or no symptoms). Unless otherwise specified during registration, patients will receive testing results via mail.

Based upon CDC guidelines, patients who have been sick (whether tested for COVID-19 or not) should wait at least three (3) weeks from the onset of symptoms to complete the antibody test. Patients who may have previously been sick (as far back as December) or those who think they might have been asymptomatic (few or no symptoms) may be tested at any time.

Testing is currently limited to a specific number of tests per day, so it may take a few days to schedule the antibody test. Healthcare workers and first responders receive top priority.

To schedule a COVID-19 antibody test through KDH, patients may contact the COVID-19 Hotline at 812.801.8010 or call their personal care provider (physician/nurse practitioner).

Patients who receive a positive antibody result are encouraged to speak with their provider about donating plasma (a blood product) to help treat other patients who test positive for COVID-19. Antibody testing also allows local and state health departments to understand the impact of COVID-19 in the communities we serve.

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