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KDH honors volunteers during annual luncheon

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Contact: Dave Ommen

Thanking its Volunteers For All Seasons, King's Daughters' Health recognized its many volunteers during the KDH Volunteer Luncheon on April 24 at Hanover College. Of particular note, Dolores Hellmann was honored with the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for surpassing 5,000 volunteer hours. Hellman joins Dottie Fitz, Gary Gotts, and George Wolfschlag as past recipients of the award.

Following opening comments by Board Chair Paula Heiderman, several KDH team members shared stories about the impact that volunteers have on KDH, its team members, and the community. Following is a review of the service awards presented at the 2018 Volunteer Luncheon:

11,000-11,099 Hours
Gary Gotts

5,500-5,599 Hours
Dottie Fitz

5,000-5,099 Hours
Dolores Hellmann

4,600-4,699 Hours
Robert Elliott

3,900-3,999 Hours
Norma Blackford

3,700-3,799 Hours
Mary Anne Horine

3,600-3,699 Hours
JoAnn Brown

3,100-3,199 Hours
Paul Carmony

2,700-2,799 Hours
Sharon Borden
Sharon Pflaumer

2,600-2,699 Hours
Sally Brown
Wayne Engle
Jerry Pflaumer

2,200-2,299 Hours
Linda Engle

2,100-2,199 Hours
Sue Thomas

1,400-1,499 Hours
Dorothy Parker

1,100-1,199 Hours
John Stahl

1,000-1,099 Hours
Connie Mahoney

900-999 Hours
Joan Hamilton

800-899 Hours
Brian Hussong
Ruth Ann Rudolech
Judy Wolf

600-699 Hours
Jean Skrentny
Vickie Surrett

500-599 Hours
Mary Lou Brinson
Mary Jo O'Connor
Gary Scott

400-499 Hours
Martha Brown
Jack Rampy

200-299 Hours
Nancy Leever

150-199 Hours
Marty Burton
Michael Whaley

50-99 Hours
Gary Ashby
Dresden Glover
Linda Goins
Judy Kemp
Becky Povaleri

0-50 Hours
Bonnie Wentworth

Additional recognition was provided to several Hanover College student volunteers, volunteers from the KDH School of Radiologic Technology, and one from Shawe Memorial High School.

Hospital Chaplain: Pastor Sandy Fox

Hospice Chaplains: Pastor Wayne Edwards, Rev. Frank McGee, Rev. Bob Leach, Rev. Paul Limato

Hospital Volunteers: Mary Jo O'Connor (7 years), Dee Gauger (12 years), Joe Niehaus (16 years), Madonna Miller (19 years), Trudy McCoy (21 years).

Special Services: Steve Pullias (Guitar), Brooke Reindollar, Allyn Ehlert (Piano), Rhonda Scott (Music/Visiting Patients), John Claggett (Santa Claus), Karen Ricketts (Pet Therapy).

If you know someone who would like to volunteer, contact Donna Mills at 812.801.0129. We thank Donna and Sharon Pflaumer for their extraordinary efforts in organizing this year's Volunteer Luncheon.

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