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KDH encourages patients to talk with provider about Metformin concerns

Community news | Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Contact: Dave Ommen

King’s Daughters’ Health encourages patients who have questions or concerns about Metformin to speak with their physician or personal care provider.

Why the concerns:
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently found that certain 500mg or 750mg extended-release versions of Metformin contained higher-than-recommended doses of NDMA (a cancer-causing agent). The FDA has contacted the specific manufacturing companies regarding the indicated batches of extended-release Metformin and has issued a recall for those medications.

Importance of medications:
Unless a patient’s personal physician or provider prescribes a change, the FDA recommends that patients continue to take Metformin as prescribed. Patients could be at risk of serious health complications if they stop taking their diabetes medications.

Questions about Metformin may also be directed to the KDH Diabetes Nurse Educator, MacKenzie Torline, at 812.801.0611.

Note: NDMA is a chemical commonly found in small amounts in food and drinking water. Low doses of NDMA are not considered harmful to human health.

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