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Girls Incorporated creates cards for patients at KDH

Friday, November 30, 2018

Thanks to a cooperative effort between the KDH Foundation and Girls Incorporated (Madison), members of our Environmental Services Team will be handing out personal, homemade cards to patients in the hospital. We hope plenty of smiles will follow.

When Jennifer Liter, Vice-President of Inpatient Services at KDH, approached Sabrina Combs at Girls, Inc. about the project, Combs said, "we would love to be a part of this!"

The next step began with the KDH Foundation providing supplies for the young ladies at Girls, Inc. They went to work and created some amazing cards that will bring a lot of joy to patients in the hospital. A few of the many young ladies who created the cards are pictured in the photo - along with Liter and three members of our EVS team - Alisha Johnson, Kim Delgado, and Michelle Hunt.

The idea for the project came from a former patient who had received homemade cards during a stay at the Louisville hospital. The patient talked about how the cards lifted their spirit during a tough time. We appreciate everyone at Girls, Inc. jumping on board to help make this project a reality.

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