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Trimble County Medical Building

Family Practice, Imaging, Laboratory, Pediatrics, Sports Physicals

Norton King’s Daughters’ Health: Versailles Medical Building
Primary care is the best way to manage your family's health. Our exceptional team at the Trimble County Medical Building includes:

Providers at Trimble County

Every family should have a primary care provider to manage their health needs at a medical building near you. At the Norton KDH Trimble County Medical Building our physicians and nurse practitioners to provide exceptional family care in Milton, Kentucky. Our physicians and providers provide a variety of care options for families.

Are you looking for a medical building near you that offers quality care? Our Milton clinic has dedicated medical professionals that can provide a well-rounded continuum of care. At Norton King's Daughters' Health, that means not only providing medical services, but also educating patients about important health information to enhance their overall wellness.

Wellness Exams

Our Milton medical clinic provides wellness and annual physical exams for the community. Apart from preventative checks for various health issues, these exams are the perfect opportunity for patients to ask health and lifestyle questions. Let the experts at Norton King's Daughters' Health steer you in the right direction by providing a road map for maintaining healthy habits in the future.

Sports Physicals

Whether it's for competition or recreation, it's important to make sure that you visit a physician (provider) before you engage in regular physical activity. At our Milton medical center, health experts can screen for any medical issues to ensure you're ready to take the field.

Illness Diagnosis and Treatment

When you're sick, the last thing you want to do is scramble to find a doctor's office near you to get treated. The Trimble County Medical Building offers exceptional care by diagnosing and treating your illness, while also providing the education you need to extend your care plan past recovery.

Preventative Medicine

For men's and women's health in Milton, it's important that preventative medicine is available to the community. At Trimble County Medical Building, we're committed to the health of the community by providing preventative health services such as screenings and vaccinations. Just like our other services, education is a valued part of our care plans, so we can help identify issues before they become a larger problem.

The Power of the MyKDH Patient Portal

The MyKDH Patient Portal allows our patients to take control of their overall health and wellness. By using the portal, you have access to your personal health information on any of your devices. You can even message your physician or provider at the Downtown health clinic and request an appointment. From adult care to pediatric care to women's health/ maternity care, patients stay on top of their wellness by partnering with Norton KDH.

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