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Hanover Medical Building

Imaging, Internal Medicine, Laboratory

Norton King’s Daughters’ Health: Hanover Medical Building

Having a primary care provider is an important part of your health. Norton KDH works together with physicians in Hanover, IN to provide exceptional family care at the Hanover Medical Building, 36 Medical Plaza, Hanover, Indiana.

Hanover Providers

Adult Care

Our team at the Hanover Medical Building offers a wide range of medical services. We are dedicated to building a partnership with you to offer exceptional services - with your health as a top priority. In addition to acute care, we help patients with wellness and prevention.

Senior Care

Aging is a natural process. At the Hanover Medical Building, we give all of our patients the opportunity to learn more about their health. Our professional medical staff and physicians in Hanover have experience with guiding seniors on their wellness journey. Our primary care doctors are also a great resource for information about healthy aging.


At Norton King's Daughters' Health, we are firm believers that regular physicals are an important part of your overall wellness. The Hanover Medical Building offers physicals with doctors (providers) who will take the time to inform you about your health. We make sure our primary care providers are there you for!​

Laboratory Testing

The convenience of having a clinic near you that is capable of on-site medical testing is crucial for our patients. Save time and get the results you need faster with the medical professionals at the Hanover Medical Building.

On-site Medical Imaging

Patients who need routine medical imaging find relief at the Hanover Medical Building. Get your medical imaging done in one convenient location. Get your results faster so you can move forward with living your healthiest life.

The Power of the MyKDH Patient Portal

The MyKDH Patient Portal allows our patients to take control of their overall health and wellness. By using the portal, you have access to your personal health information on any of your devices. You can even message your physician or provider at the Downtown health clinic and request an appointment. From adult care to pediatric care to women's health, patients stay on top of their wellness by partnering with Norton KDH.

Contact Our Hanover Medical Clinic

We offer a variety of services to help care for you and your family. Let's work together on a healthier future; call us to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about our physicians or primary care, give us a call and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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