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Supporting Norton KDH

You can make a difference

Your contribution, regardless of size, will make a difference in the health of our community. You have several options for supporting Norton King's Daughters' Health; you can attend one of our special events, make a donation at any time, or include us in your estate plans. For more information please visit our Ways to Give page.

Foundation funds

Directly or indirectly, all contributions enhance the quality of health care available to our community. As a result of our donors' generosity, we are able to support community health education, the purchase of new equipment for the hospital, staff education, as well as many other important health-related programs.

Although unrestricted gifts allow us the flexibility to direct funds to be used where the need is greatest, you can specify what program or department you wish to support. Review the list of foundation funds below, then click the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page to make your gift today.

Existing funds at the KDH Foundation

  • Cancer Center Building & Technology: Used for building technology and the upgrade of Cancer Treatment Center at KDH.
  • C.A.R.E.: Employee Assistance Program. Provides KDH employees with financial aid in crisis situations such as loss from fire or financial stress beyond the individual's control.
  • Education: Used for health career scholarships for staff education and training.
  • EMS Development: Used for building, technology and education within the KDH EMS Department.
  • Foundation Board Discretionary: Provides grants to KDH departments and programs to support operations, activities or program development.
  • Girls on the Run: Supports activities related to the Girls On The Run program. Donations may be made at
  • Healthy Communities Initiative: Supports the activities of the HCI committees
  • Home Health & Hospice: Supports operations, activities and program development.
  • Men's Health: Supports men's health and wellness activities and program development.
  • Oncology: Supports operations, activities (such as cancer screenings) and program development.
  • Pediatrics: Supports operations, activities and program development.
  • Radiology: Use for research, resource, and medical staff material.
  • Rehabilitation: Supports operations, activities and program development.
  • Resilient Jefferson County (ACEs): Supports Resilient Jefferson County and the Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) initiative.
  • Scholarship: Supports employees who have chosen to pursue advanced education opportunities related to their position at KDH.
  • We Care About Our Patients: Supports small purchases to assist our patients with expenses related to their treatment. Established in memory of Cheryl Harlow, a nurse at KDH at the time of her death.
  • Wellness: Supports programs and activities promoting health and wellness to KDH employees, patients and the community.
  • Where Need is Greatest: Funds are placed in an interest bearing account and used as approved by the Board of Managers, Foundation Board and Administration. For example, the greatest need could be replacement of equipment or responding to an emergency.
  • Women's Health: Supports operations, activities and program development related to women's health issues.

If you would like to support Norton King's Daughters' Health, please contact Kate Sutter, Foundation Coordinator at 812.801.0555 or

You may also contact Kate for information regarding corporate donations or event support.

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