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Program Description (PDF)
Program Enrollment Application (PDF)

When a prospective student calls to request an application to the program, he or she is sent a program description and a Norton King’s Daughters’ Health School of Radiologic Technology application. The applicant may also access and print the program description and application via the links above:

Pre-Admission requirements and procedures

Each applicant for the program in radiologic technology must:

  1. Be a graduate of an accredited high school or have a GED certificate.
  2. Submit a completed application postmarked no later than April 1 of the year he/she wishes to attend. The application must be an original; no faxed or duplicate copies will be accepted.
  3. Submit three letters of reference. These reference letters must not be from family or friends. They must be from individuals who can attest to the work ethic and pertinent attributes of the applicant. Ideal references will come from teachers, counselors, coaches, supervisors, pastors, etc.
  4. Submit ACT or SAT (or SAT I) scores. These scores must be original scores from the ACT or SAT, or they can be provided on the high school transcripts. The minimum acceptable SAT score is 820 (critical reading + math), and the minimum ACT score is a composite of 17. Note: New SAT scores (taken after 2016) will be converted using the College Board's Concordance tables, which can be found at
  5. Complete all necessary associate's degree requirements. Potential applicants must complete one of two associate degree routes before being considered for enrollment:
    • Route 1: Associate Degree Not Completed: Applicants not possessing an associate degree or higher may complete the eight core college courses through Ivy Tech Community College at the Madison, Indiana, campus or one of its associated regional campuses (see the "Articulation Agreement with Ivy Tech Community College" section on pages 6 and 7 of the program description), or may transfer credits for the core courses into Ivy Tech (with the knowledge that 15 credit hours must be completed through Ivy Tech) and may then apply to the Norton KDH School of Radiologic Technology. Upon successful completion of the Norton KDH School of Radiologic Technology certificate-based program and with successful completion of the courses required through Ivy Tech (which includes successfully passing the HESI exit exam toward the end of the student's 2nd year within the program), the graduating student will receive an Associate of Applied Science degree in Imaging Science from Ivy Tech, in addition to the certificate from NKDH. All required college courses must be completed or enrolled in by the April 1 application deadline. Official completed course transcripts must be turned in by the April 1 application deadline. If the applicant is enrolled in the required courses at the time of the April 1 deadline, official transcripts proving enrollment must be turned in with the application. If the applicant is selected for admission, a final official transcript must be turned in by June 1 of the same year or the student will forfeit his or her seat. Note: All required college courses that are not part of the KDH School of Radiologic Technology curriculum (all excluding Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology) must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.
    • Route 2: Associate Degree Already Completed. Applicants possessing an associate degree or higher must submit official transcripts by April 1 of the year he/she wishes to attend. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. Note: All college courses taken or degrees awarded must be through or from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  6. Possess the physical ability to perform tasks required of radiographers, as written in the application.
  7. Submit proof of the following vaccinations: 2 MMR, 2 Varicella and 1 Tdap (within the last 10 years). A TB test, or provide written proof of TB test what was obtained within the last 3 months. Proof of current vaccination for flu season if shadowing during flu season (October through March).
  8. Participate in a career observation day in the medical imaging department. Once the applicant has submitted their application they should contact the clinical instructor at 812.801.0575 to schedule their career observation date. These are scheduled Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to noon.
  9. Submit a $75 nonrefundable application fee. (Make checks payable to Norton King's Daughters' Health.)
  10. Participate in a PSB (Pyschological Services Bureau) Health Occupations test administered at the Norton King's Daughters' Health campus. All applicants submitting a completed application will be notified of the available test dates and times. These test dates are scheduled in April each year.
  11. Attend an interview with the admissions committee, if requested. Interviews are typically held in early May. Following the April 1 deadline, all applications are reviewed by the admissions committee of the program. Those applications that meet the published admissions standards are then evaluated in terms of academic potential. All applicants are rated on a point system based on their high school transcripts, college transcripts, ACT/SAT scores and PSB scores. Based on this point system, interviews are granted to the top 12 applicants. Interviews are held to determine the candidate's motivation, ability to communicate, ability to work with others and realistic orientation to the field of radiologic technology. Six qualified students will be selected from those interviewed. Eligible and desired alternates will also be selected, in the event that all six students do not enter the program.

Post-Admission requirements and procedures

The program director sends letters of acceptance to each admitted applicant. In order to confirm their position in the class, the admitted applicants will be required to:

  1. Send a letter in writing accepting their seat with a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $100. (The $100 deposit will count toward tuition.) Tuition at this time is $3,500 for the first year of training (payable July 1 of the student's first year of training) and $4,000 for the second year of training (payable July 1 of the student's second year of training).
  2. Verification of the following immunizations and dates: MMR (twice), varicella (twice), and tetanus/diphtheria or Tdap (vaccine every 10 years). Proof of three hepatitis B vaccinations must also be presented OR the hepatitis B vaccination series can be received OR declined at Norton KDH. Hepatitis B vaccinations received at Norton KDH are free of charge to the student. A TB/PPD screening must also be completed. These are done at Norton KDH during the first two weeks of school, free of charge to the student.
  3. Pass a urine drug screening test. A negative test screening is mandatory for enrollment. The drug screening will be performed at Norton KDH, free of charge to the student. A drug screen that reveals the illegal use of drugs will be deemed positive. The illegal use of drugs includes, but is not limited to, taking illegal drugs, taking a prescription drug without a prescription or exceeding the dosage of over-the-counter medications.
  4. Pass a background check performed by Norton KDH, which is performed free of charge to the student.
  5. Purchase three to five student uniforms. Uniform type and color will be discussed at a class meeting that will be scheduled prior to the beginning of the program.
  6. Purchase textbooks (through Norton KDH) for use during training. The book fee is a one-time payment of approximately $1,700 and is due on July 1 of the student's first year of training.

For information on graduation requirements, or more specific dates, please download a copy of the Program Description at the top of this page.

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