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Doctor and the Dietitians

The King's Daughters' Health Cancer Treatment Center will host a fun, free educational cooking program at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28 in the Oak Conference Rooms at King's Daughters' Hospital, 1373 East SR 62, Madison. The conference rooms are located on the basement level.

Space is limited to 50 participants. To reserve your seat, call Stacy at 812.801.0541. Please leave a message, if needed.

Healthy eating - and healthy cooking - are important components of colon cancer prevention. Colon Cancer is one of the more common cancer in our region, although it can often be prevented through improved diet, exercise, weight management, and preventative screenings.

During the session, Registered Dietitians Amanda Corbin and Sierra Rogers, and Radiation Oncologist Dr. Parag Sevak, will demonstrate easy cooking techniques that include healthy food choices and preparation. Several easy-to-use recipes will be followed, and participants will be provided with take-home materials.

Join us for a fun evening of cooking, laughter, and prevention.

Date detail:
Thursday, March 21
2 hours
Oak Conference Rooms - Kings' Daughters' Hospital, 1373 East SR 62, Madison
Stacy Bayne

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