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Expectations: Second Trimester

What to Expect in Your Second Trimester

What to Expect in your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Welcome to your second trimester! The good news is that the hard work put in during your first trimester is about to pay off. Your maternity care plan is in full swing and you’ve become more used to the changes your body is going through. Compared to what you’ve experienced already, the second trimester is usually easier going.

New Trimester, New Changes

At this point, you’re no stranger to hormonal changes. Your body is still going to continually produce estrogen and progesterone. When the second trimester starts, your body will begin to settle into the changes of pregnancy with the symptoms of the first trimester slowly fading away.

During the second trimester, your baby is going to experience some major growth. We will get into those details later, but it’s important to note that your baby will naturally begin to move.

With new changes comes new second trimester symptoms that you’re likely to experience. To help prepare you for what the next three months have in store, here’s a list of what to expect (and not to expect) during your second trimester of pregnancy.

1. Congestion

Congestion may not be as bad as morning sickness, but it can still be rather frustrating. The hormonal changes your body is experiencing right now can cause your mucus membranes to swell, causing a runny nose or even nosebleeds. Luckily, there are plenty of safe over-the-counter solutions such as saline spray that can help.

You (or more likely your partner) may notice another second trimester symptom triggered by the congestion – snoring! See if saline spray or other congestion medicine clears your nasal passages up enough to stop snoring. If not, gift your partner with some nice ear plugs!

2. Sensitive Gums

Few things about pregnancy will surprise you at this point, but your gums can become more sensitive and even be prone to bleeding. Thankfully, there are plenty of toothbrushes you can buy that are softer on teeth. It also helps to gently floss your teeth every night. This symptom usually goes away after your baby is born.

3. Changes in Sex Drive

With the level of hormone changes occurring in your body, your sex drive may be affected. For most women, the change tends to be spikes between high and low intensity. This is completely normal. Keep open communication with your partner about how you are feeling. Should you decide to act on a high intensity change, know that it does not cause any harm to your baby.

4. Swelling of the Ankles and Feet

This symptom is fairly common. In fact, it occurs in about three in four pregnant women starting somewhere around week 22 of pregnancy. Try not to go long periods of time on your feet or sitting down. The trick is to stay active as much as you can while finding a comfortable position to sleep on your side at night.

5. Weight Gain

This is the change you’ve been expecting. Over the next couple months, you will really experience pregnancy weight that isn’t just first trimester bloating. Here’s what to expect when you start to experience your weight gain:

  • First, your appetite will naturally increase, especially if you suffered from nausea during the first trimester.
  • Expect to gain around one pound a week during the second trimester. 14 weeks equals 14 pounds.
  • It’s not all bad news. When you experience this weight gain, your stomach will gradually become a more rounded traditional shape. That’s right, your baby bump will be in full bloom!

It’s important to monitor your weight change and report any wild swings to your doctor right away. As your appetite levels off, you want to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you and your baby need.

While adjusting what you eat will be a challenge at first, it’ll help you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

6. Your Baby Will Grow Quickly

You aren’t the only one going through weight gain. Around week 23 of your pregnancy, your baby will double in weight over the next month. By the end of the second trimester, you can expect to have roughly a two-pound baby in your belly.

There’re a few other exciting changes that will be happening:

  • Your baby’s digestive system will be ready to go, and he or she will even start to suck and swallow.
  • By week 21, you should be able to start feeling little jabs and kicks.
  • At week 26, your baby will start blinking!
  • When week 22 hits, the baby’s ears and eyes will move into position and their senses will begin to get more developed.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy the big, exciting developmental strides your baby is making in the second trimester! While it should be much smoother sailing over the next three months, be sure to call your doctor if you experience bleeding or severe stomach pains. Most importantly, enjoy this time you get to experience with your baby!

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