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What Is Sport Medicine and How Can it Help You?

While you're undoubtedly familiar with Nike shoes and apparel, you may not know about the brand’s corporate mission. Nike's founder Bill Bowerman once stated, "If you have a body, you are an athlete." This quote became the foundation of the Nike mission ever since.

From jogging to catch the bus to participating in a pick-up game of soccer, there are times when all of us have to get physically active. But what do you do when you experience an injury during one of the times you move throughout the day? Fortunately, there is a specific medical profession that deals with these types of injuries.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine is a branch of medical care that specializes in the treatment of sports and exercise injuries. The main goal of sports medicine is to help people get back to their normal level of activity.

Sports medicines treat a variety of physical conditions, including:

  • Bone fractures
  • Muscle and tendon sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Ligament tears
  • Tendonitis and other overuse injuries
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Strains related to overtraining

Doctors who specialize in sports medicine have expert knowledge of physiology and how your body works. It's common for sports medicine teams to include surgeons, physical therapists and nutritionists. There's also a misconception that sports medicine doctors only work with professional athletes. In reality, sports medicine doctors work with anyone who needs treatment for a sports injury.

For example, the sports medicine doctors at King's Daughters' Health help people of all ages recover from injuries caused by physical activity.

The Benefits of Sports Medicine

Expert Preventative Care

Although sports medicine doctors specialize in sports injuries, they can also help you with preventative care. A sports medicine doctor can give you tips and treatments that can lower your risk of injury. If you're an avid runner, for example, your sports medicine doctor can show you stretches to warm up your muscles and ligaments.

Rehabilitation for a Healthy Recovery

If you ever suffer from a sports injury, it's important that the affected area heals properly. Sports medicine doctors use an array of specialized rehab therapies to help you recover. Rehabilitation can ensure that you regain proper range of motion while you're healing.

Sports medicine experts can give patients a list of stretches, exercises and therapy options to help them along in their recovery journey. With sports injuries, it's important that the muscle or joint affected doesn't stiffen. Your sports medicine doctor will work with you to create a personalized rehabilitation plan.

Performance Assistance

Anyone who exercises is often looking for ways to improve their performance. Sports medicine can help you improve your performance at sports or exercise activities. Sports medicine doctors can give you a customized training plan to build your strength and hit your physical activity goals.

When Should You See a Sports Medicine Doctor?

You can make an appointment with a sports medicine doctor for a range of reasons. From minor sprains caused on the court or field to back strains from picking up your kids, a sports medicine expert can help you manage your injury. For major injuries like a ligament tear or broken bone, however, you should seek immediate treatment right away instead of waiting for an appointment. Sports medicine professionals will ultimately be part of your treatment and recovery team to help you heal properly from your injury.

Discover Expert Sports Medicine at King's Daughters' Health

Sports medicine at King's Daughters' Health involves a wide variety of care. Our doctors will treat you like family as we help you reach the highest level of physical wellness. Our sports medicine specialists provide a comprehensive approach to sports injuries. We also have a variety of therapies on-site to help you recover from your injury.

If you need support for a sports injury or want to improve your athletic performance, contact us today.

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