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Fearful Pregnancy

Top Pregnancy Fears and How to Feel Better About Them

It's natural to worry during your pregnancy. After all, your body is going through a lot of major changes. And sometimes, all it takes is one unfamiliar feeling to push you through the rabbit hole of uncertainty and anxiety.

Everyone has thoughts that snowball out of the control. But when you’re pregnant, those thoughts can be a little more intense and overwhelming. Worrying is part of every pregnancy. But sometimes you need some help stopping those worries before they gain momentum.

In this post, we're going to go through some of the top pregnancy fears and provide some helpful information so you can feel better about them. All you want is for your pregnancy to go smoothly. And we're here to help give you a big sigh of relief.

Fear 1: Can You Lay on Your Stomach While Pregnant?

As your stomach starts to show, it's natural to be worried about the safety of your baby. What if you roll over in your sleep onto your stomach? Will it harm or even crush your baby?

How to Feel Better About It

This worry is very common for pregnant mothers, especially if it's your first time. The truth is, your baby will be completely fine if you lay or sleep on your stomach. In fact, it's safe to sleep on your stomach during the early stages of pregnancy.

But as your baby grows, it will become more difficult to lay on your stomach. Once you're in the later stages of pregnancy, chances are laying on your stomach will be uncomfortable. As a result, you'll most likely change positions before you do any harm to your baby. You can always talk to your OBGYN about this once your stomach really starts to grow.

Fear 2: Will I Lose the Baby Weight?

When you're pregnant, one of the nagging fears in the back of your mind might be, "will I lose the baby weight?". After all, it's normal to want to go back to your pre-pregnancy body.

How to Feel Better About It

The first thing to remember is that pregnancy is different for every woman. Try not to compare your natural weight gain to people you know or celebrities in the news. Next, talk with your OBGYN about the weight guidelines for your pregnancy.

Your doctor can help give you tips on how to lose the baby weight once your bundle of joy has arrived. One easy way to get started is to begin planning a post-pregnancy exercise routine and nutrition plan while you're still expecting.

Fear 3: Is Bending Over Bad for My Pregnancy?

Like the question about laying on your stomach, bending over during pregnancy is a common worry. Many expecting mothers think that it could harm their baby or increase their risk for complications.

How to Feel Better About It

During the first trimester, you can bend over without having any impact on your baby. But make sure you're bending at your hips instead of at your knees or spine.

As your stomach grows in size, it will become harder to bend over. And your center of gravity will shift, so be careful that you don't accidentally fall over. When you make it to the third trimester, you'll want to limit how often you bend over. Mainly because it can lead to lower back pain, acid reflux and dizziness. Once you pass the first trimester, it's a good idea to talk with your OBGYN about bending over.

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