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A pregnant patient speaks with her OB.

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your OBGYN About Pregnancy

Congratulations on getting pregnant! Pregnancy is a new and exciting experience for you and your whole family, but it's natural to be anxious and have a laundry list of questions. What medicine can you take while pregnant? When will you have to take off work? It feels like every time you think of a question, two more seem to take its place.

But there's no need to worry. As pregnancy experts, we're used to answering questions like these for expecting mothers. For many people, they intend to ask their doctor questions, but forget them once they get to the doctor's office.

In this post, we're going through our top 10 questions to ask your OB/GYN. After all, your OB/GYN is going to be your partner for the next nine months, so there's no better time to get used to asking questions.

10 Pregnancy Questions to Ask Your Doctor

1. How Do My Prescription Medications and Over the Counter Medicines Affect My Pregnancy?

From regular prescriptions to supplements, you should tell your OB/GYN about anything you're taking. That way, your doctor can explain any risks and help you develop a plan for substituting medication. While there are plenty of medicines that have good pregnancy track records, it's important for your doctor to weigh the effect of the drug against the risk it has towards your baby.

2. Should You Get Genetic Testing?

Over the last few years, prenatal testing has grown in popularity. It's a way for you to check and see if your baby might carry genetic abnormalities. Your OB/GYN should ask you a series of questions to determine your level of risk. If it turns out that you are at high risk for any abnormalities, try not to panic. The test is to help give you peace of mind and to ensure the wellness of your baby.

3. Can I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are actually encouraged to exercise and stay active . But before you start any exercise regiment, it's important to talk to your doctor about boundaries. For example, many OB/GYN's agree that having a high pulse rate for a prolonged period of time isn't healthy. Activities such as swimming or walking have been shown to provide many benefits.

4. How Much Weight Should I Gain?

When it comes to questions to ask your doctor when pregnant, weight is often at the top of the list. The amount of weight you should gain varies based on your pre-pregnancy weight. During your first appointment, your doctor will likely calculate your BMI to help give you a healthy range.

5. How Does Stress Affect My Baby?

From being late to work or being stuck in traffic, everyone has stressful moments. But you might be wondering how much stress it takes to have an impact on your baby. Outside of big stressors, there isn't anything to worry about. If there are events or conditions in your life that are causing extreme stress, talk through them with your doctor. They might be able to give you stress-relieving tips or help you find a solution.

6. I Know I Can't Have Alcohol, But What About Coffee?

Plenty of us need coffee in the morning, so this is one of the common pregnancy questions to ask your doctor. While there are different viewpoints, a good rule of thumb is to limit caffeine to under 200 milligrams per day. Don't forget to check the labels of anything else you eat or drink. Plus, you can get your OB/GYN's thoughts about how much they recommend.

7. Can I Travel When I'm Pregnant?

Unless you're told by your doctor to avoid it, traveling is okay while pregnant. Once you hit the 36-week mark, most airlines will prohibit you from flying. It's also important to be prepared when traveling during your first trimester. You'll be more prone to morning sickness, so try making travel plans that work around the time of day when you feel sick.

8. Do I Need to Take Any Prenatal Classes?

While it's also good to get your OB/GYN's opinion, prenatal classes are recommended but not mandatory. Prenatal classes can help you be better prepared for your delivery. If you're interested, your doctor will most likely have some good class recommendations. These classes are also a great addition to the standard maternity care provided by your OB/GYN.

9. What Changes Should I Make to My Diet?

It's important during your pregnancy to eat a variety of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and prenatal vitamins. You should also avoid eating anything raw and be sure to wash your produce thoroughly. Also, you'll want to avoid unpasteurized dairy products and smoked seafood.

10. When Should I Make My Next Appointment?

Your appointment schedule with your OB/GYN will change depending on the trimester. Typically, you'll have an appointment every four weeks during the first trimester, every two weeks during the second trimester and every week during the third. But it's important to reach out to your doctor immediately if you feel like anything is off.

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