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Tips for Dad During Pregnancy

A Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy

Congratulations, you’re going to be a dad! While your significant other is going to be doing the majority of the heavy lifting, there are plenty of ways for you to help support her and your new addition on this journey.

It’s natural to feel like you're not playing a role in your baby's gestational development. To help you start with your best foot forward, we've created a pregnancy guide for men. Keep reading to learn the top tips for dads during pregnancy!

Crack Open Some Books and Study

You can't take the uncomfortable symptoms away from your partner, but you can prepare by reading. A good place to start is to buy a book that gives you a rundown on the changes your partner will experience.

There are plenty of books written for expecting dads. You can work towards becoming a pregnancy expert by reading as many as you can. Your baby will be here before you know it, and you want to be ready. Since you won't be dealing with pregnancy symptoms, you’ll have plenty of time to share with your partner everything you learned.

Help Your Significant Other Find a Good OB/GYN

You can remove a lot of stress for your partner up front by helping to find an OB/GYN. When looking for an OB/GYN, find a doctor who is part of a reputable practice. You'll also want to ask any OB/GYN you're considering about the following:

  • Philosophy on pain relief
  • Where they deliver
  • What partners they work with
  • C-Section rate
  • Experience with pregnancy complications

You'll be amazed at how far this gesture will go for your significant other. Think about the last time you felt connected with a doctor. Now just imagine how much comfortable your partner will be if they feel that way about their OB/GYN.

Patience is a Virtue

From morning sickness to food cravings and hormone changes, your partner is in for some ups and downs. So, no matter what she is going through, it helps to practice patience. There's a reason why patience is one of the top tips for dad's during pregnancy. Here are some of ways you can practice patience:

  • Get used to dealing with the unexpected. For example, you never know when a sudden bout of morning sickness can cause you to be late for work. Try to be understanding and flexible when it comes to your schedule.
  • Ask fewer questions and, instead, offer your unconditional support. Your partner will see some major changes, so instead of asking why, ask how you can help.
  • Be sure to ask for your partner's opinion when it comes to major decisions. It's easy to think "she has enough to deal with." But you want to make sure she doesn't feel left out.

Make King's Daughters' Health Your Pregnancy Partner

Expectant mothers and their significant others choose King's Daughters' Health for our family-centered approach to maternity care. Our OB/GYN's are compassionate experts dedicated to helping your family thrive.

After all, our top priority is to help your family have a healthy pregnancy. We treat every patient as if they are part of our own family. Contact our expert staff today and schedule an appointment. Together we can help your partner through one of the most important moments of her life.

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