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The Power of the Finish Line

I am perfectly OK to admit that I have never won a running race. In fact, the only time I ever received an age-group placement medal at a walk/run, was the day of a brutally HOT July 10K when I took home second place. Regardless, my heart and my running shoes know I have crossed countless finish lines. Every race, every step, every challenging mile has been worth it.

Magical Step: Crossing the Finish Line

That magical step across the finish line is something everyone should experience. For a split second, you feel both exhausted and proud. At that moment, you've accomplished something that you've worked hard to achieve. Whether you are first or last - it’s still the same finish line. Regardless of your final placement, you ran the same duration as the finisher who led the field.

As a coach for 26 years, I am not necessarily a fan of the “everyone gets a trophy” philosophy. But, I will admit - in running and walking events – the participation ribbon (that all finishers often receive) IS powerful. I have completed big races with over 40,000 runners and walkers and I proudly wore my finishers’ medal with a smile when it was draped on my neck. Not because I had won, but because I finished.

A friend gave me permission to share a personal quote …
Every single time I finish a race I cry. I see it and realize that I just finished something that a few years ago I couldn’t have even started. Health problems tried to keep me down. But I won. I win with each finish line I cross.

Local Running Events

Our community is blessed to have many local walk/run events. King's Daughters' Health is proud to host two of the best 5K events in Jefferson County (Run the Falls & Girls on the Run) each fall. When you sign up to walk or run in a race, you automatically have the chance to hold yourself accountable. You have paid a fee (usually to benefit a not-for-profit) with a finish line as the goal. The date on the calendar gives you motivation to show up and finish the task. Race events can give you a training schedule to follow, spectators and other runners/walkers to cheer you on, and a huge sense of accomplishment when you finish.

2019 Girls on the Run 5K

Consider registering for the upcoming KDH Girls on the Run 5K, scheduled for Sunday afternoon, November 17 at Hanover College (Alumni Stadium - start and finish). It's unlike any other 5K race. The focus is on FUN and the FINISH LINE! (think less competition – more celebration!). You will have the opportunity to experience the amazing contagious spirit of Girls on the Run. As you walk or jog across the finish line, you will already be motivated to start training for your next adventure.

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