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A pregnant woman exercises with hand weights.

Safe Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Your body goes through its fair share of changes during pregnancy, and yes, that includes gaining weight. You’re growing an entirely new human being, after all! While you tolerate it during your pregnancy, you’re probably hoping to drop the weight as quickly as possible once your baby is born.

This is completely normal and any woman who has been pregnant can relate. However, exercise immediately following your child’s birth may not be recommended. While the weight won’t come off in a day, there are ways to lose those extra pounds safely and effectively.

4 Ways to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

1. Set Healthy and Realistic Weight Lose Goals

Your body goes through a trauma during the birthing process, so it’s important to let it rest and heal before jumping back into an intense exercise regimen. Your body will naturally lose weight on its own, so you’ll start to see progress within the first couple weeks post-partum.

If your doctor clears you to exercise, keep it light and only do what feel comfortable. Most doctors recommend not losing more than 2 pounds a week after giving birth, so set realistic weight goals and don’t overdo it. It’s also worth noting that the uterus takes up to six weeks to return to its normal size, so keep that in mind as you track your body image and post-baby weight loss.

2. Watch Your Diet After Giving Birth

Many people assume that the best way to lose weight is to lower their calorie intake. However, it’s necessary to keep a healthy, calorie-packed diet as you recover. Unhealthy diets or cutting back on eating altogether may signal your body’s metabolism to slow down and make it harder to lose weight. Not eating may also starve yourself and your baby of much-needed nutrients.

Instead of cutting back or eating an unhealthy, sugar-filled diet, focus on high protein and high fiber foods, fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will help you lose the baby weight faster.

3. Make Sure to Get Active

What if eating healthy isn’t enough? Well, that’s where exercise can help. Once you get the green light from your doctor, work exercise back into your daily or weekly routine. This can include going on daily walks with your baby, going to the gym while your significant other watches the baby or participating in an online workout program.

Regular exercise will help you lose the pounds and give you a much-needed boost of energy and positivity as you’re raising a newborn. Just be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program to help prevent injuries or post-partum complications.

4. Team Up with Another New Mom

The practice of working with another person towards a goal can give you a whole new level of motivation. Try to find another new mom who is looking to lose weight, too. You both can meet up at the park to walk or find an exercise class to take together. Not only will this make you accountable to another person, but you'll be able to motivate and inspire each other during your weight loss journey.

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