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Planning for a healthy pregnancy

If you're expecting a new baby, or planning on a family addition, the OB physicians at King's Daughters' Health can help you plan for a healthy pregnancy. As Dr. Kelli Hertz notes, a healthy pregnancy often begins months before conception.

Taking prenatal vitamins, maintaining or achieving a healthy weight, and eating a balanced diet are all important aspects of preparing your body for what lies ahead. It's also a good time to take inventory of your overall health. Smoking and alcohol use can affect your baby's development. These and other topics are great conversation starters during an early visit with your provider.

To speak with an OB physician at KDH, call us 812.801.0856. Learn more about Maternity services.

If you're an avid exerciser, you can usually continue your activities - at least until later in the pregnancy. Talk to your provider, as every woman and situation is unique. If you're not much of an exerciser, walking is a good way to enjoy some activity without stressing your system.

Throughout your pregnancy, we're here to answer questions. We'll also prepare you for labor and delivery, talk about pain management options, discuss breastfeeding, and a host of other topics during your PREP Visit. We'll even give you a tour of our Labor and Delivery Suites. To schedule a PREP visit, or to ask about additional Prenatal Classes, call Cheryl Dean at 812.801.0990 or visit our Calendar.

Your life is here. So is your maternity care.

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