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Making Resolutions Work

By: Dr. Ronald Auer

Happy New Year!

The New Year is a great time to make changes in your life. Whether it is lifestyle, diet, finances or relationships, many people see the turn of the calendar as a fresh start. Unfortunately, many resolutions are made but are gone long before December 31st. Here are some ways to improve the chances of making your changes stick with you for the 365 days of 2017.

  1. Set objective goals, not abstract resolutions: Instead of “I will lose weight” set a realistic goal, “I will lose 15 pounds” or “I will lose 2 dress sizes”. Instead of generic “be a better person” or “be more friendly” make it more objective, “I will compliment my wife every day” or “I will write down 3 things I am thankful for everyday”
  2. Make a Plan: Every resolution made should be followed with “and I will do that by……” If you want to make more money in 2017, formulate a plan. Investments? New job? Overtime? Side hustle? So you joined a gym? Great! Now, schedule 3 days a week to work out into your planner and make no exceptions. Schedule work out dates with friends in your calendar. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.
  3. Be Accountable: Peer pressure is a great motivator. Get with a friend/partner and discuss goals and resolutions. Both of you can then help coach each other along. You will have support and a buddy system for when things get tough.
  4. Rewards, Consequences and Motivation: If you achieve your goal, reward yourself with a well thought out gift. Withholding that purse, that car, that new TV until you achieve your goal will make you work even harder. Another way to increase success is to develop a consequence or punishment for failure. A healthy way to do this with donating to charity. Find a political charity that is opposite your beliefs. Pledge to give $100 if you don’t complete your goal. Negative motivation can be healthy if done properly.

Successful self-improvement is a huge part of our overall wellness. A sound mind and sound body are the cornerstones of a happy healthy life. Good luck!

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