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Is it Time to See a Sports Medicine Doctor?

What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term "sports medicine doctor"? It's natural to think of major sports organizations like the NHL, MLB or NFL. For that reason, you might think that sports medicine doctors are only meant to treat professional athletes.

But the truth is, sports medicine doctors can treat anyone who exercises or participates in any level of sports. In fact, sports-related injuries can happen to anyone no matter your level of skill. Keep reading to learn about some of the tell-tale signs that it's time to see a sports medicine doctor.

5 Signs You Should See a Sports Medicine Doctor

1. You Want to Prevent a Sports Injury

Being injured isn't a requirement for seeing sports medicine doctor. In fact, a sports medicine doctor can provide you with a lot of helpful information that can lower your risk of injury. For example, let's say you recently started to enjoy tennis as a hobby. A sports medicine doctor can offer a variety of tips, such as:

  • What types of injuries are common from playing tennis.
  • Stretches and recovery exercises that can help lower your risk of an injury.
  • Give you a physical exam to make sure your body is in the right shape for a new activity.
  • Advice on conditioning exercises to make your body more resistant to common injuries.

2. You Have a Chronic Sports Injury

Whether you pulled a muscle running or hurt your ankle playing volleyball, if you're regularly active, you might have a chronic sports injury. The key here is that your injury seemed to persist even when you took time off to try to heal it.

A sports medicine doctor can take a deep dive into your injury to diagnosis what is causing your pain. If your sports injury is something that developed over time, the doctor prescribe a care plan that can provide you pain relief.

3. You Require Orthopedic Surgery

If you have a broken bone or dislocated joint from a sport, it's possible that you will need orthopedic surgery. A sports medicine doctor specializes in these types of injuries and can help determine if surgery is needed. While surgery is oftentimes the best way to remedy your injury and get you back to your physical activity, a sports medicine doctor may be able to recommend alternative recovery methods.

4. You Are Recovering from a New Sports Injury

While it's recommended to begin recovery as soon as possible, a sports medicine doctor can help you if you've been managing a sports injury on your own. It's common for people to return to activity too quickly, which increases your risk of suffering another injury.

A sports medicine doctor can develop a treatment/recovery plan and help you with:

  • Managing any pain you might be experiencing
  • Equipment like splints or supports to help you stabilize the injured area
  • Strengthening exercises that will provide support to your recovery

5. If You Have an Acute Sports Injury

An acute sports injury, like an ankle sprain, occurs suddenly and while you're playing a sport or exercising. A sports medicine doctor can quickly diagnosis your injury and create a treatment plan for recovery. A sports medicine doctor can also diagnosis and treat more serious acute injuries, such as dislocated joints and ligament tears.

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