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Active in Pregnancy: Yoga

How to Exercise During Pregnancy

Top 5 Ways to Exercise During Pregnancy

You’re over the moon you’re having a baby, but there is one thing every expectant mother fears: baby weight. You may have even heard some horror stories that have you losing sleep worrying about how big you’ll get! While gaining weight is a normal part of pregnancy, staying active can help ensure you gain a healthy amount.

If you consistently exercised before getting pregnant, you may be able to continue your usual routine like normal. However, as you get further along, you may need to adjust your workouts a bit. It’s also important to keep in mind that your doctor may suggest avoiding exercise if you have a medical condition like asthma, heart disease, or diabetes. There's a balance between getting proper excerise and overdoing it during pregnancy.

That being said, here are five ways to exercise safely during your pregnancy.

1. Exercise in Small Sessions

You don’t want to hit the gym and stay there for hours on end – you won’t feel good afterwards and will unnecessarily wear yourself out. Instead, make it a goal to exercise 20-30 minutes each day. This will give you the daily boost of endorphins you want without overdoing it during your pregnancy. After all, the last thing you want is to cause stress for you and your baby.

2. Avoid Exercises Where You Might Fall

While there are clear benefits to exercise when you're pregnant, you should try to avoid exercises that could be harmful to you and your baby. Some of these activities include sports like boxing, tennis, volleyball, football, and baseball.

Instead, try these other activities that can help you stay active during your pregnancy:

  • Swimming is one of the easiest and healthiest exercises to do because it is low-impact and it gives you the chance to exercise your whole body.
  • Yoga. When you’re pregnant, yoga is a good way to help you relax and stretch. Find a class that specializes in helping women who are pregnant and meet other women who are going through the same thing as you. If you can’t find a class for pregnant ladies in your area, ask a yoga instructor if they can accommodate your needs.
  • Walking should definitely be part of your daily exercise agenda while pregnant. Go for a walk around the block or to a nearby park to get your thirty minutes of exercise in.
  • If you liked to run before you became pregnant and your doctor gives you the okay, definitely keep going. Running is a great workout and can help you continue feeling fit and active during this time.
  • Do you have a garden? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try having one. Either way, gardening can be a relaxing activity that gets you outdoors. Water your plants, trim your bushes, or plant new flowers to make your yard look fresh while getting some much-needed exercise in.

3. Listen to Your Body

Your body is telling you a lot of new things right now. Sometimes you may feel relaxed or energetic, while other times you’ll feel tired and worn out. Definitely take advantage of the days where you’re feeling lively, but don’t push yourself if you’re feeling rundown. Take a few minutes before you start your day to really think about how you're feeling and listen to your body. This is a great way to keep yourself from overdoing it during pregnancy.

The same goes if you start to lose steam halfway through your workout. If your body tells you to stop, then stop. Even if you’re used to exercising, if your body senses something doesn’t feel right, then you should trust that gut feeling. Focus on taking it easy and try your workout again on a day when you’re feeling better.

4. Dress Loosely While Exercising

Be easy on yourself when you’re pregnant – you’re going through a lot of physical and emotional changes! It is important for you to always be comfortable when you exercise during your pregnancy. Here are a few clothing items we recommend:

  • Sweatpants or stretchy leggings. You want to make sure you have enough room to breathe when you’re pregnant, especially when you’re outside or at the gym.
  • T-shirts. T-shirts can be worn anywhere, especially when you’re exercising! Invest in a few shirts you can grow with.
  • A good, supportive bra. You want to be supported when exercising, so invest in some supportive sports bras that will keep you comfortable when working out.

5. Keep Your Diet Healthy

A healthy diet can’t be stressed enough. Not only is it a great way to maintain your energy throughout the day, it also goes hand in hand with exercise in making sure you gain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy.

While it’s important to eat healthy, do not go on a diet during pregnancy even if you needed to lose weight beforehand. Your baby needs nutrients, and dieting will deprive your child of the vitamins and minerals they need. Instead, opt to eat healthy meals that will benefit both you and the baby – you’ll feel better and your baby will thank you, too!

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