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Medical professional in medica gloves holding up a get your flu shot sign

Have you had your flu shot?

Have you had your flu shot? As the winter season starts, so does flu season. Influenza can be a serious respiratory illness, especially for the young, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions. Even if you're otherwise healthy, a bout of the flu can leave you tired, achy, and miserable for several days or even a week or more. That could add up to a lot of lost time at work or school.

So ... Have you had your flu shot?

The flu shot is one of your best protections against the most common strains of influenza each year. Most people have few if any side effects from the flu shot; the most common side effect is soreness at the injection site. And despite what you may have heard, the flu shot cannot give you the flu; the virus is inactive.

How to Prepare Your Body for a Flu Shot

At King’s Daughters’ Health, we’re often asked how to best prepare your body for a flu shot. If you get nervous about shots, be sure to eat and drink before getting a flu shot. This will help your body deal with any nausea triggered by nervousness or anxiety. After you get a flu shot, it’s normal to feel sore and achy. Talk to your doctor about the common side effects they’ve seen.

If you’re pregnant, getting a flu shot is a must. About half of all pregnant women don’t get their flu shot. Why is it so important for pregnant women? By not getting the flu shot, you’re opening yourself up to flu-related complications. So, for your own health and your baby’s, be sure to get the flu shot. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your maternity care provider.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Flu Shot, Contact King’s Daughters’ Health

In Indiana and Kentucky, flu season is often worse from February to April. Now is the time to prepare, as it takes about two weeks for your body to build up immunity from the flu shot.

If you have questions or concerns, talk to your doctor or provider. Flu shots are available at many locations. Learn more about the Flu in our Health Library.

Other tips for preventing the flu? Wash your hands - often. Hand-washing is one of the best things you can do to prevent the spread of infections, whether that be colds, the flu, or any other nasty winter bugs.

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