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What Is an Arthroscopic Procedure?

Surgery is one of the most effective ways to treat joint problems, especially if the mechanics of the joint like the ability to bend your knee have been impacted. Even though surgery might be the best option to treat a joint injury, it’s natural to be apprehensive about going under the knife. The good news is that the traditional way of using large incisions to gain access to a joint is being phased out in sport injury treatments. In this post, we’re going to take a deep dive into the orthopedic trend of arthroscopic procedures and the benefits they have for anyone struggling with a sports injury.

How Does Arthroscopic Surgery Work?

Before arthroscopic surgery was a viable option, orthopedic surgeons had to make large incisions to have enough room for the tools they needed to use. Arthroscopic surgery involves an orthopedic surgeon making a small incision that allows them to insert a narrow tube equipped with a fiber-optic camera into the area of the joint. This method results in much less tissue having to be cut, and it gives your orthopedic doctor much more detailed information on your specific injury. That way, they’ll be able to create a more customized care and surgery plan.

Even though arthroscopic surgery is still considered to be major surgery, it is less invasive. Once the problem with the joint is identified, the orthopedic surgeon will make other small incisions called “portals” to insert small surgical tools to correct the problem. When the surgery is complete and the root of the sports injury is fixed, the tools and camera are removed and the incisions closed up.

The Advantages of Arthroscopic Surgery for Sports Injuries

After learning about the details of how arthroscopic surgery works, it might not be surprising to discover there are a variety of benefits.

  • Fewer Scars: Since arthroscopic surgery uses small incisions, patients have fewer scars following the procedures. This fact is even more important for people who get joint surgeries on areas of the body like their legs or knees where scars are more noticeable.
  • A Faster Recovery: Patients who have arthroscopic surgery for a sports injury are more likely to recover faster. With the smaller incisions, there is less tissue damage, which means that your body has to do less work to heal itself.
  • Less Pain: One of the core elements of arthroscopic surgery is keeping tissue drama to a minimum during the procedure. With smaller incisions and less tissue being cut through, you’ll likely have less pain during the operation.
  • Less Dependence on Medication: Due to having less pain and a faster recovery, you’re more likely to depend less on medication after the surgery. This will help reduce the risk of experiencing side effects from recovery medication, and give you more peace of mind about the effect painkillers can have on your behavior and overall health.
  • Shorter Post-Surgery Hospital Stay: After any major surgery, you’ll have to spend some time in the hospital for observation and the early stage of recovery. When you elect for arthroscopic surgery, you’ll spend less time in the hospital after the procedure, thanks to the other benefits we listed above.

Discover Premier Care for Sports Injuries in Madison, IN

If you or a loved one is struggling with a sports injury, the expert orthopedic doctors at King’s Daughters’ Health are here to help. Our staff are experts in arthroscopic procedures and work closely with the KDH Rehabilitation Center to help you recover and return to your favorite activities as soon as possible. We’re dedicated to helping you enjoy life and work to ensure you can follow your passions. Contact our orthopedics team today to learn more about how we can help you recover from a sports injury.

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