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5 Tips for Summer Pregnancy

5 Tips to Help You Have a Cool Pregnancy During the Summer

It’s that time of year again! Early morning hikes, afternoon barbeques and picnics on the beach as the sun sets over the water. Summer is a time of year filled with outdoor fun and adventure. But, these good times are accompanied with the hottest days of the year. And it’s no surprise that pregnancy and summer heat often don’t get along.

After all, being an expectant mother during the summer months can have its downsides if you’re not prepared. But just because you’re expecting, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the summer fun. In this post, you’ll learn some useful tips on how you and your baby can beat the summer heat this year.

1. Stay Hydrated

Most people in the summertime are walking around dehydrated. But, drinking plenty of water and keeping your hydration up is even more important when you’re pregnant. If you plan on spending any time outdoors, make sure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. On the surface, this will keep you cool during the hottest parts of the season. But more importantly, staying hydrated lowers the risks of urinary tract infections, prevents circulation issues, protects your skin from constant floods of hormones and keeps your growing baby healthy.

2. Just Keep Swimming

Pregnancy and summer heat don’t have the best relationship, but that’s where a pool comes in handy. Swimming lowers your core body temperature, giving you a much-needed break from the sun beating down above you. Besides keeping you cool, swimming is a great way to maintain exercise throughout your pregnancy. In fact, the weightlessness of a pool is a good way to be outdoors while alleviating any aches and pains you might be having. After all, your feet and back are under much more pressure during pregnancy and deserve a well-needed rest!

3. Start Off on the Right Foot

There was a time when a pair of flip flops would last you the whole summer. While it may seem like a stylish choice for any outdoor trip, the name of the game when you’re pregnant during the summer is “support”. By having the right arch support, you’ll cut down on the amount of strain you put on your body when you’re walking around outside.

4. Rise and Shine

An easy tip to help you get through being pregnant in the summer is getting up earlier. Since the heat is usually at its most intense during the middle of the day, having a productive morning sets you up to enjoy the air conditioning in the afternoon. If you haven’t already, create morning schedules for yourself to help you stay productive and get all your errands out of the way before the daily heatwave hits.

5. It’s Time to Breathe

Being pregnant in the summer means you’re just one dark colored shirt or extra layer away from sweating and chafing. This is why lightweight pregnancy clothes are so beneficial. Make sure you pick clothes that are loose and lightly colored, so you can prevent absorbing heat as easily when you’re having fun in the sun. In fact, this can even help with preventing rashes from sweat buildup.

Remember, just because you’re pregnant in the summer doesn’t mean it has to completely uproot your lifestyle or hobbies. With the right expertise and a little preparation, you can enjoy anything this summer has to offer.

Your Pregnancy Matters at King’s Daughter’s Health

Now that you have a better idea of how to get through being pregnant in the summer, take the time to explore all of the resources King’s Daughter’s Health has for expecting mothers. At King’s Daughters’ Health, our doctors use a patient-centered approach that puts your needs and health first.

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