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Annual Report

Norton King's Daughters' Health continues to be one of Jefferson County's largest employers, averaging 930 team members per year during the past five years. Our employees live, work, and play in the communities we serve, helping us maintain a deep connection with our past, present, and future.


These connections include:

  • Capital Investments to provide local families access to innovative technology such as 3D Mammography and Radiation Oncology. Over the past five years, Norton KDH has invested more than $14 million to improve patient care.
  • Spending with Local Businesses reached $1,181,000 in 2019 and nearly $5 million over the past five years. We believe in a simple principle: supporting each other makes us stronger.
  • EMS Coverage that provides emergency medical services without any cost to county government or local taxpayers. In 2019, KDH absorbed a $1,113,000 deficit while operating its ambulance service. Most years have seen similar losses, meaning that Norton KDH has provided more than $18 million in unreimbursed EMS coverage since 1997.
  • Providing Healthcare to local families beyond their ability to pay. In the past six years, Norton KDH has provided more than $14 million in direct charity care - care for which a patient was never billed. During that same time, Norton KDH absorbed an additional $74 million in bad debt, funds that were never collected because patients were unable to pay beyond a certain point. Another $14 million of unreimbursed care was provided through discounts to the uninsured.

Please use the link above to view our Annual Report: Connections that also highlights the connections we have made throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, along with our staff members, providers and community. Thank you for your ongoing support of Norton KDH. Together, we have a bright future.

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