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Welcome to our stories page.  It's amazing to hear the many success stories and thanks we receive from patients.  Our patients inspire us to be the very best we can be.  Hopefully, you enjoy reading the stories. 

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OB Services - Why they chose KDH
Lytle family - Their care inspired her

As a first grade teacher at Lydia Middleton Elementary school in Madison, Sarah Lytle inspires her students.  She wants them to enjoy learning and reach their potential.  As a mom, she was inspired by the OB team at King's Daughters' Health.  So much so, she tells others about her experience.

"What inspired me ... was that they called two different times to check on me and make sure I was doing okay, and asked if I had any questions," Sarah Lytle said.  "That really impressed me.  I would be comfortable having any of the doctors deliver a baby for me.  The nurses are very attentive.  Personal.  They take time to talk with you."

Today, Sarah and her husband, Andy, enjoy time with their son, Landon (age 3), and daughter Emilee (8 months).  For them, Madison is an ideal place to live and raise a family.  Choosing KDH was ideal, too.

"My parents couldn't get over how attentive everyone was," Lytle said, noting that her parents were from a larger city and were not used to seeing the type of personal attention provided at KDH.  "The OB team provided a level of care that inspired me.  I tell everyone that they are prepared and there's no reason to have a baby out of town."

Even after arriving home, Lytle said she received an e-mail asking how the kids were doing.  Ultimately, Lytle said the level of care and level of attention she received were amazing.  Everyone followed up and answered questions.

"They are all fabulous," Lytle said. "They do a lot of teaching and explanation.  I could always tell they were busy, but they still took time to sit down and answer questions.  They saved me later appointments (in the day because of being a teacher).  They accommodated me.  They showed so much personal interest."

OB Services - Why they chose KDH 
Lowe Schneider family - They made her feel special

As the Associate Dean of Students at Hanover College, Katy Lowe Schneider helps first-year students adjust to college life.  She respects their individualty and wants them to feel special.  As a mom, she remembers feeling special at KDH.  The physicians and nurses respected her birth plan, treated her as an individual, and made her feel important.

"I had a detailed birth plan and they made us feel like we were the only ones having a baby," Katy Lowe Schneider said. "That was very nice.  They do a really good job of having you meet everyone.  They didn't just speak to me.  They spoke to my husband.  We were in it together."

She particularly remembered the nurses bringing her husband, Greg, breakfast after he had been up all night.

"A nurse went to the cafeteria and made us a plate of biscuits and gravy," Lowe Schneider said. "They really make you feel like you matter.  They made us feel like our daughter was the only baby there and that was very special."

Katy and Greg are the parents of two delightful daughters, Emma (6) and Sarah (3).  They live on a farm to the west of Madison.  After needing a C-section with Emma, Katy hoped for a regular delivery with Sarah.  She was pleased that Dr. Jennifer Roney let her labor as long as she wanted to before she and Greg decided on another Cesarean delivery.  Schneider said she has also known both Dr. Kelli Hertz and Dr. Tobi Hough for a long time.

"I tell everyone that KDH is a great place to have a baby," Schneider said. "They know you and you have a wonderful camaraderie." 

OB Services - Why they chose KDH 
Kahn family - They made her feel at home.

Having delivered babies at two other hospitals, Tania Kahn had experienced OB care before.  After delivering her third son, Patrick, at KDH, she would make the same choice again.

"It was a good experience.  I would delivery at KDH again," Kahn said. "It was so easy for family and friends to come and visit.  Being a smaller hospital, people know who you are.  The OB staff is very good and attentive.  They make you feel at home."

Tania particularly noted how promptly her questions were answered.  And after meeting with Dr. Jennifer Roney, she felt comfortable having her son at KDH.

"Dr. Roney's office staff was very nice and I did not have to wait very often," Kahn said. "Everything went smoothly.  We wanted a safe delivery and a healthy delivery.  The doctors are here because they want to be here."

Tania and her husband, Phil, live in Madison with Patrick, and their other two sons, Phillip (6) and Connor (3). 

Receiving personal care is important to everyone.  We understand.  Many of our staff members are your friends and neighbors.  We want you to feel at home.

OB Services - Why they chose KDH 
Dattilo family - They made it an incredible experience.

Shannon Dattilo knew her pregnancy would require some specialized care.  She not only received that care at KDH, she also tells everyone that her experience was incredible.

"I've told everyone over and over how great the experience was," Dattilo said. "The care, food, everything.  The doctors were superb.  It was an incredible experience overall, an amazing moment in our lives.  We had wanted to add another miracle to our family for a long time.  KDH made our family complete.  It was truly incredible."

From Dr. Kelli Hertz to the nursing staff, Dattilo said everyone knew exactly what to do.  They were very well trained and provided exceptional care.

"Being a small town hospital, some people think we don't have quality doctors, but we do," Dattilo said. "We are so fortunate to have such high quality care right here."

Shannon and her husband, Dan, have two adopted children, Devin (8), and Adrianna (7).  Their son Brycen, who is born at KDH, is nine months old.  They live in Madison.

Throughout her delivery, Dattilo said she was surrounded by people that loved her.  She knew several of the nurses and care providers.  Dattilo said it was important to see all of the physicians during her pregnancy and develop a relationship.  Even Dan was impressed, saying that everyone put them at ease.

Life is full of incredible moments.  We want to make your experience incredible, too.

OB Services - Why they chose KDH
Sheets family- They treated her like family

As a mother of four, Whitney Sheets knows what it means to be a family.  Experiencing personal, one-on-one care is why she happily tells people about King's Daughters' Health.

"The part I appreciate the most is that they know me," Sheets said. "I am not just a number.  It is a close knit community.  I've gone to visit friends at other places and the nurse has to check the chart because they don't know who you are.  Small things make a big difference.  You receive personal attention you need at the time.  They are good people.  They treated me like family."

Whitney and her husband, Stephen, live in Madison.  Jameson is their most recent addition, joining Addison, Lincoln, and Kennedy.  Whitney was born and raised in Madison and is thankful to remain in her hometown.  She recommends Dr. Tina Odaffer-Hendrick and the KDH OB team.

"Dr. (Tina) Odaffer-Hendrick talked to me like a friend," Sheets said. "When I caught the flu, she called to check on me.  When she sees me she know who I am and asks about the kids."

Lean for Life
Denver Sexton - They can do it to

Ten-year-old Denver Sexton has renewed energy these days for baseball, basketball, football, and just about everything else. He's also 21 pounds lighter thanks to the Lean for Life program.

During a routine wellness exam last November, Denver told Dr. Holly Robinson that he wanted to lose some weight. That's when Dr. Robinson introduced Denver and his family to the Lean for Life concept. While it targets better eating habits, Kim Sexton, Denver's mom, said it's much more about a lifestyle change.

"We decided as a family to all participate," Kim Sexton said. "We've all been on board. We're eating the same food and we're having the same meals."

Reducing sugars and carbohydrates is a key component of the Lean for Life program. Because the body turns simple carbs into sugar, the calories pile up quickly. The good news: kids can continue eating many favorite foods, such as meats and most vegetables. Denver particularly likes peanut butter, Greek Yogurt with fruit and Splenda, eggs, bacon, pepperoni, and low-carb, high-fiber bread for toast and sandwiches.

"The fact that he could eat until he was full was a great motivator," Kim Sexton said. "Plus, we've incorporated one day that he can cheat. Because he's eating high protein foods, he feels more full and he's actually eating less."

Exercise is an important consideration for anyone wanting to lose weight. It helps you see results quicker.

"This isn't about a diet," Kim Sexton said. "This is a lifestyle change. It's different than going on a diet. It's not something temporary."

Denver said he has about nine more pounds to lose, and then he will transition into a maintenance phase. A few more foods can be re-introduced in moderation and adjustments made as necessary.

"I would tell them (kids) that they can do it too. I would tell them what they can eat and that you can eat as much as you want (of the right things)," Denver Sexton said. 

Most days, Denver packs his lunch for school. It could be lunch meat or pizza rolls, jello, and celery with peanut butter. The family enjoys steaks, pork chops, chicken, and roast with carrots for dinners. Dr. Robinson said it's important for parents to talk with a physician before starting a program like Lean for Life. Nutritional needs vary by age.

"There are no blanket rules because of the wide range of ages and kids," Dr. Robinson said. "All ages are different. We want to do what's appropriate. What small changes can we make?"
During an initial appointment, one of the Pediatric physicians will provide an overview of the program and provide parents with information to review. Often, the parents are asked to create a journal of what their child eats for a specific period of time. Then, when the parent and child return for a follow-up appointment, the information is used to develop an appropriate level of dietary changes.

Contact Madison Pediatrics at (812) 273-5437 (KIDS) for more information about Lean for Life. The goal is to help kids set the groundwork for a healthy life.

Rehabiltation Services
Dominick White - It's amazing how far he's come

When you first meet Dominick White, you realize something very quickly.  He's a go-getter.  Then, he stops, blows a kiss, and warms up the room with his smile.  His therapists' hearts begin to melt.  What an awesome privilege it is for us to know him.

Born with Schizencephaly, a rare genetic disorder that affects brain development, Dominick had trouble engaging many of his motor skills.  An MRI confirmed the diagnosis, and he's been working with Pediatric Therapists at KDH for about a year-and-a-half.  Now three-years-old, Dominick is walking with a walker and learning how to go up and down stairs.  He is able to pick up an individual crayon and color.

Amazing Progress ...
"It's amazing how far he's come," said Cyndi White, Dominick's mother.  "When we first started we thought that if he could just walk with a walker that's so much more independent than a wheelchair.  Now, all of a sudden, he's walking with a walker.  You see him reach a goal, and you start thinking what else you want him to be able to do.  We want to take him as far as we can, and the therapists here want to push him as far as he can go."

Every child with Schizencephaly is unique.  Some children will progress farther than others.  In Dominick's case, going to therapy twice a week makes a big difference.  He receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Therapy as play ...
"He sees therapy as play," Cyndi said. "He has a wonderful rapport with all of his therapists. He enjoys coming to therapy.  The staff is very professional and knowledgeable, dedicated, and easy to work with."

During one of his sessions, Cyndi was talking with a patient in the waiting room who had observed many children coming in for care.  She said the patient noted how she had received therapy at several places over the years, but said she had never seen so many kids - noting that KDH must have great therapists who work with children.

One of Dominick's therapists is Angie Watson, PT.  She can vouch for his enthusiam.

"He's very motivated," Watson said. "He's come a long way.  He really wants to be mobile."

At home, Dominick enjoys pushing Tonka trucks around and playing computer games. He's five-year-old sister, Andi, agreed that her brother is "very busy."

Dominick is blessed to have such a loving family supporting him. His Dad, Joe White, is equally proud of Dominick's progress.  It's not always easy, but Dominick's personality shines through.  He's even earned the nickname, "The Little Mayor."

What is Schizencephaly?
Schizencephaly is a rare developmental disorder characterized by abnormal clefts or slits in the brain's cerebral hemispheres.  Cases range from severe to mild.  Most cases are confirmed through an MRI of the brain.

KDH Rehab Center is great for kids ...
The KDH Rehab Center provides a broad range of therapy services for kids.  These include physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Helping kids achieve their highest outcomes is one of our biggest joys.  To learn more, please call 812-265-0545.

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