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King's Daughters' Health has a partnership with First Urology to provide great care for local residents.  The partnership provides Urology coverage five days a week in Madison.  Dr. Aaron Becker and Dr. Barry Pecha have regular office hours at the new KDH campus.  Call (812) 801-0894 for appointments.

Find a Urologist in Indiana

Dr. Aaron Becker, Dr. Barry Pecha, and Dr. John Eifler have regular office hours at the new KDH campus.  Call (812) 801-0894 for appointments.

Location and contact information

Urology is located on the second floor of the new Main Campus Medical Building, 1373 East State Road 62 on Madison's hilltop. Please call 812-801-0894 for appointment information or to speak with a member of the urology staff. New patients are welcome.


First Urology provides a variety of urological care. Many treatment and diagnostic tools are available directly through the physician's office. For surgery and more detailed imagery, the hospital is located adjacent to the Medical Office Building via an indoor connector.

Prostate Cancer - SBRT / Fewer Treatments

The Cancer Treatment Center at King's Daughters' Health in Madison is now offering Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for the treatment of prostate cancer.  It's a relatively new option for men with low to intermediate prostate cancer risk.  The most notable benefit of SBRT is a shortened course of treatment.  With SBRT, men complete prostate cancer treatment in 5 sessions (once a day for five days - completed in one week).  Traditional treatments require 45 treatments, spread over nine weeks.  That's a huge difference.  Request a consultation with Dr. William Porter, Radiation Oncologist at the KDH Cancer Treatment Center, or ask us about SBRT at (812) 801-0603.

Urology services include:

  • Incontinence.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • Enlarged prostate (BPH - benign prostatic hyperplasia).
  • Bladder issues and bladder cancer.
  • Vasectomy.

For more information on urologists in Indiana, please visit our Find a Doctor page.  

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