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Medical Imaging

Today’s medical imaging provides stunning detail and clarity. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT scans, Fluoroscopy, and Digital Mammograms are just some of the newest imaging technologies at King’s Daughters’ Health.

Our patients benefit in many ways.

For example, women needing a breast biopsy can choose a stereotactic procedure in which the radiologist and surgeon work together to pinpoint suspect tissue. The surgeon can then use a small, needle-like device to collect a sample for biopsy. This prevents unnecessary surgery and potential scarring during diagnosis.

Medical imaging also assists physicians in the early diagnosis of heart disease, early detection of cancer, and provides expecting parents a chance to see their unborn child inside the womb in amazing 4-D Ultrasound.

When enhanced color imagery is needed, physicians rely on nuclear medicine to evaluate and detect problems. It’s comforting to know the newest tools are available at a moment’s notice.

Medical imaging capabilities at KDH ...

  • General Radiology - Standard X-rays (chest, arms, feet, legs, hands)
  • Fluoroscopic - Upper GI (stomach, colon) - often used with barium
  • Mammography - Digital Mammograms with R2 Computer-Aided Detection Technology
  • Ultrasound - 4-D Capability for New Moms; Mammography; Internal Organs; Pregnancy; Pelvic; Prostate
  • CT (CAT Scan) - 64/slice Capability; Abdomen; Head/Neck; Internal Organs
  • MRI - Joints; Muscles/Tendons
  • PET - Cancer detection / staging; Mobile unit
  • PACS: ER - Computer-Driven Radiography; Immediate imaging; Magnification
  • C-ARMS - Mobile units for Surgery; Pain Clinic; Patient Rooms; ER
  • Cystoscopy - Urinary tract

    Location and contact information

    Medical imaging has two primary locations in Madison—on the Main Floor of the King’s Daughters’ Hospital and on the second floor of the adjacent Medical Office Building. Physician offices also have medical imaging capabilities for use on-site.

    Contact numbers to get more information or to make an appointment:

    • Medical Imaging - Hospital: 812-801-0132 
      • Digital Mammograms:  812-801-0440 (mammograms only)
      • MRI scheduling.
      • CT and Nuclear Medicine.
      • Ultrasound.
    • Main Campus Medical Building - Hilltop Campus: 812-801-0878
      • Bone Density.
      • Digital Mammograms. 
    • Versailles - 206 W. Tyson: 812-689-4271
      • General Medical Imaging.

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