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Mother/Baby Services


Mother and Baby Services
King's Daughters' Health provides exceptional care for women, moms, and babies in Madison, Indiana and surrounding counties in Indiana and Kentucky.  We call it Mother-Baby Services.  Our Mother-Baby team focuses on personalized care for women of all ages, including - pregnancy and childbirth, obstetrics and gynecology, mammography, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, and a variety of other women's health needs.

Contact Our Women's Health Departments
Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN) Physicians ... (812) 801-0856.
Mother-Baby Nursing Station (Hospital)  ... (812) 801-0158.
Sonya Bailey (Director, Mother-Baby Services) ... (812) 801-0629.
Prenatal Education ... (812) 801-0990.
Marge Goley (Lactation Consultant) ... (812) 801-0991.
Medical Imaging (Mammography/Ultrasound) ... (812) 801-0440.
Laboratory Services (Hospital) ... (812) 801-0178.

Watch one of our recent Mother-Baby videos ... Welcome to the World, Presley ...


Suites and Private Rooms
Our labor and delivery suites provide the privacy, comfort, space, and amenities women desire for their childbirth experience.  We feature four Labor and Delivery Suites and easily-accessible postpartum rooms on the second floor of the hospital.  Should the need for a c-section arise, surgical suites are steps away.

Classes and Programs
To assist new moms, King's Daughters' Health offers a variety of prenatal and family education classes. For details, contact the Perinatal Educator at 812.801.0990. We also provide a Lactation consultant for moms who have questions or need assistance with breast feeding.  Social Services assist moms who may need additional resources before and after delivery.

Visiting Hours
Dads are welcome to stay overnight and throughout a mom's hospital stay.  Siblings may visit as long as they are not sick or contagious.  We understand the importance of sharing your celebration with family and friends. We will do our best to accommodate visiting requests.  Should you desire a period of rest, tell the nursing staff and they will share your request with visitors.


Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Indiana
King's Daughters' Health features an exceptional team of obstetrics and gynecology providers. Appointments can be made by calling (812) 801-0856.  Providers are located on the second floor of the Main Campus Medical Building, 1373 East State Road 62, Madison, Indiana.  We work with women and moms to schedule appointments at convenient times.

Women's Health Services at King's Daughters' Health focus on targeted care and information related to the unique needs of women.  From maternity to motherhood to maturity, women's health evolves.  Our goal is to provide innovative and personal care that meets the health needs of women at all stages of life.  We want you to have an exceptional experience.

Digital Mammography
We provide digital mammograms at both King's Daughters' Hospital and the KDH Main Campus Medical Building (attached and adjacent). A variety of appointment time are available and evening appointments can be made upon request.  To schedule a digital mammogram, call one of these two phone numbers: (812) 801-0440 or (812) 801-0686.

In addition to digital services, we provide women additional peace of mind by integrated the R2 ImageChecker into mammography services.  Once your mammogram is completed, it is evaluated by one of our Board Certified Radiologists.  It is then scanned by the R2 ImageChecker - a digital technology that scans the mammogram for the slightest variances.  Any area identified as a concern is reviewed a second time by the physician to determine if further follow-up is necessary.

Bone Density
Osteoporosis can be devastating.  A simple procedure - known as a bone density test - evaluates the strength and density of your bone tissue.  Based on your personal health history, your provider can help you decide when a bone density test is appropriate. 

One of the newest advances in osteoporosis detection is a new 10-second spine fracture evaluation, allowing providers to see existing fractures previously unseen by more traditional bone density testing. Armed with this new technology, your provider can help you reduce your risk of future spinal fractures associated with osteoporosis.

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