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Many exceptional people work at King's Daughters' Health.  Our team members define who we are and what we do.  Their passion for serving others encompasses our mission and purpose.

It's a privilege for us to share the following stories with you.  We want you to meet some of our outstanding people.  Please check back as new stories will be shared.  Newest stories are at the top of the page.


DIANA HARRELL, Cardio-Pulmonary Services

During a winding career path with King's Daughters' Health, Diana Harrell has always loved interacting with patients.  She's a people person.

"I enjoy my job.  I love talking to patients," Diana says. "Everyone has a different story.  I love the challenge of learning more about them and how we can help."

For more than 20 years, Diana has graced cardiac and pulmonary patients with here smile and down-home friendliness.  As a cardio-pulmonary technician, she helps with a variety of examinations, including echo-cardiograms.

"KDH has come a long way," Diana says. "We can provide patients a variety of tests, including 3D imagery and TEE (transthoracic echo).  The technology is amazing."

And yet it's the people who make the greatest impact on patient care.  Diana sees it with her team every day.

"We are a family,too," she says. "We all know each other and that helps patient care run smoothly."


MICKEY GEER, Senior Director of Facilities

One of the reasons Michael "Mickey" Geer joined KDH in 2002 was the organization's commitment to family.  As he says, family is important.  Being a part of the community is important, too.  It brings people together.

"The thing I enjoy most here is the people," Mickey says. "We have great people who are dedicated and work together.  We're a great resource for our patients and staff."

When he first arrived at King's Daughters' Health, Mickey worked as an HVAC, or heating and cooling, specialist.  Today, he serves as the Senior Director of Facilities.

"Working with good people makes the job enjoyable," Mickey says, noting the impact KDH has on other people's lives.  "We provide services that allow people to receive care without having to drive an hour or two."

Even though Mickey and his team keep the facilities running smoothly, he knows it takes a team effort.

"It takes everyone to make it work," he said.


NATALIE THORNSBERRY, Director of Quality

Natalie Thornsberry understands the importance of meeting and exceeding quality standards.  She also understands that it takes a team effort.

"It's important to me that everyone we care for feels like they receive the same care that I would want for my family," Natalie says. "Everyone here puts in so much effort to ensure that we can meet the highest standards."

After beginning her career as a Nursing Case Manager, Natalie now oversees the Quality Department, which encompasses everything from protocols to processes to gathering feedback from patients.

"If we weren't here people would have limited access to healthcare," Natalie notes of King's Daughters' Health. "Where would they go for emergency care? Where would they go for routine care?  We have an incredible team and it takes all of us working together.  Our patients deserve the best."


TRACI HAFER, Executive Assistant to the CEO

If you've ever met Traci Hafer, her warm smile and gracious spirit are two things you notice immediately.  She truly enjoys helping other people.

"I love to know that our patients and visitors are receiving the best care," Traci says. "I try to welcome everyone with warmth and a smile.  I love working here and being a part of this great team."

Before becoming an Administrative Assistant in 1996, Traci worked in a variety of roles at King's Daughters' Health, encompassing nearly three decades of service.  She is now the Executive Assistant to the CEO.  Regardless of an often busy schedule, Traci always finds time to help her friends.

"This is all I've known and all I've ever wanted to do," Traci says of her time at KDH. "I love being nice to people.  That's who I am.  We're successful because of our commitment to this community."



A nurse for 22 years, Christi Cahall can't imagine doing anything else.  Helping people comes naturally.

"Being a nurse is what I do, it's who I am." Christi says. "I can't imagine anything I would rather be.  My mom was an inspiration for me.  I really like how we work as a team."

Christi so loves her position that she's worked on the Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) for her entire 20-year career at KDH.

"Even though it's very routine, it's different every day," she says. "Everyone's care is different. Every patient is different.  We realize that."

Christi also appreciates her co-workers, who share her desire to provide exceptional care.

"Our entire team has the same passion," Christi says. "Patients are often nervous or scared.  I love when they wake up and say ... 'That was it? That's all?'  We work hard to make them feel comfortable."

As for the impact KDH makes on the community, Christi says: "I can't imagine the community without the hospital.  Patients tell us they come here because it's a familiar place.  I love that."



Physical Therapist Kristen Fish relates well to therapy patients.  She's a former patient herself, following a back injury during her stellar high school basketball career at Madison.

"I decided to go into physical therapy after my back surgery and going through rehab," Kristen says. "I wanted to give back the way I was helped."

Kristen believes that being a good educator is an important part of her job.  She says it's important for patients to understand what is wrong and how therapy can help them.  It's also important for them to understand the process and know that success often takes time.

"One of my favorite things is helping people get back to doing the things they want to do," Kristen says.

Today, as therapy options continue to expand, Kristen says she's always learning.  Another plus of the job is the closeness of working in a smaller community.

"It's nice living in a small community," she says. "I get to see my patients outside of the Rehab Center, and they are able to wave and say thank you. Seeing them improve with therapy is very rewarding."



Health Information Management Office Supervisor Carol Elburg always knew she wanted to work in the medical field.  She just didn't know exactly where.

"I'm a people person," Carol says. "I enjoy helping people find their medical information. Sometimes, it can be a challenging process.  Providing really good customer services is important.  We want to help people navigate the system."

Today, most medical records are digital, allowing patients more access to their information.  The MyKDH Patient Portal is a great resource and Elburg said she and her team help answer questions.

"I use the portal for my own family," Carol says, complimenting her peers. "We really work together as a team at KDH.  That's a huge plus.  People rely on us.  Almost everyone knows someone who works at KDH.  It connects us."



Once Carrie James had the chance to learn about a career in Pharmacy, she was hooked.  She joined KDH in 2008 and has been an integral part of our team ever since.

"I like being a resource for doctors and nurses," Carrie says. "I also like being a resource for people who often don't know much about their medications. I enjoy helping people understand what they are taking and why they are taking it."

One of the challenges faced by pharmacists and physicians today is the number of medication choices.  The good news: choices often improve outcomes.

"Technology is so much better," Carrie says. "We treat things more effectively.  Patients can feel more confident in the care they are receiving."

Having worked at larger institutions, Carrie appreciates the close-knit teamwork at KDH.

"I've worked at large, teaching institutions," she says,"and we're right there with them.  I bring my family here.  We are small, we work together a lot better.  It's a team effort.  That's when medicine is best."



For more than a decade, new moms have felt the warmth of OB/GYN team members like Kristen Morten.  She loves connecting with expecting parents.

"My favorite thing is following a new mom from her first visit until the baby is born," Kristen says. "Many of us are moms so we can relate to them. We treat our patients like family."

Kristen says a smaller community helps foster relationships and make people more comfortable.

"Many of our patients are friends and neighbors," Kristen says. "Our team members care about what they do and the people who come to see us.  In obstetrics, we share patients, we want patients to know all of the doctors.  We work together closely."



In her 26 years in healthcare, Kayla Humphrey has helped patients in many ways.  After beginning her career in patient registration, Kayla has largely worked behind the scenes.  Today, she deals with insurance providers to make sure that patient bills are processed correctly and accurately.  In many ways, she's an advocate for the patient.

"I miss working with the patients one-on-one," Kayla says, "but I'm still able to help people.  We want them to find solutions.  When someone is sick or recovering, we don't want to add any stress.  It makes them happy to know that you want to help them."

The learning never stops for Kayla or her peers, and that keeps them mindful of how confusing healthcare and the billing process can be for patients.

"We are like family," Kayla says of her team. "It's a group who cares about people."



If you've visited the offices of Dr. Roy Miner or Dr. Scott Murphy then you probably recognize Jessica Jackson's smile. She greets people with it every day.

"I like my patients," she says. "I like being able to talk to them.  I've been here a long time, they are like family."

Behind the scenes, Jessica helps ensure that patient care flows smoothly.  She communicates with other departments and team members to make sure all of the little details are covered.

"When they (patients) are happy, it makes you feel good," Jessica says. "I also think it helps for patients to know someone in the office; they feel comfortable talking to you.  We want patients to be completely informed before making decisions."

As for KDH's role in the community, Jessica says ... "They want us to be here.  They make us smile."



Following careers in both his family's business and education, Greg Deaton decided to chase his passion for computer systems and digital networks.  Today, he is the Network Operations Manager at KDH.

As Greg notes, Information Technology has become an integral part of the patient care process.  Digital footprints are everywhere, from imaging systems to medical records.

"Portability is important," Greg says. "Access to your health information is increasingly important.  It's where healthcare is headed.  All of the systems have to work together, and security is critical."

Although not directly involved in patient care, Greg understands how Information Technology impacts the process of delivering health services.

"We're always on the front line," he says. "Healthcare is the greatest incubator for technology; it's on the highest end of technology.  We help improve the patient experience."



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