Advance Directives

We believe patients should be directly involved in their care. During urgent and end-of-life events, it helps to have an Advance Directive—which helps care providers understand the patient's wishes in the event of critical injury or illness. It also comforts the family, as many difficult decisions can be made by the patient regarding his/her wishes for life support and other critical care issues.

By completing an Advance Directive, the patient can authorize his/her decisions through a Living Will, Life-Prolonging Procedures Declaration, and Appointment of Health Care Representative.

Below, you will find links to downloadable PDF documents specific to each of these issues. King's Daughters' encourages you to download and complete these forms so they will be available in the event of an emergency or sudden change in health status. Discuss these issues with your family. Help them to be involved and understand your wishes.

For more information about Advance Directives you can download information directly from the Indiana State Department of Health.

Kentucky Residents: Information regarding Living Wills and Advance Directives for Kentucky Residents:

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