Accepting New Patients

Accepting New Patients
Having a Primary Care Provider is an important part of building and maintaining good health.  Working together, patients and their primary care provider monitor key health indicators.

NEW PATIENT REQUEST LINE ...  (812) 801-8995
If you need help establishing an appointment with a primary care provider with King's Daughters' Health, please use our New Patient Request Line.  We will gladly help you through the process of finding a provider that best fits your needs. 

Several Primary Care Providers with King's Daughters' Health are accepting new patients.  Below is a list of Primary Care Providers that you may contact directly. If needed, these providers will help refer you to an appropriate specialist.  To learn more about each of these physicians, please use our Provider Directory.

 PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS - Accepting NEW patients   Phone Number

 Madison Pediatrics 
 Dr. Pat Stack, Dr. Sue Stack, Dr. Holly Robinson,
 Dr. Diamond Harris, Susan Berns APN

 Main Campus Medical Building - Internal Medicine
 Dr. Michael Guirguis
 Main Campus Medical Building - Family Medicine
 Dr. Robert Ellis

 Main Campus Medical Building - OB/GYN 
 Dr. Victoria Shirley, Dr. Jennifer Roney, Dr. Kelli Hertz
 Dr. Tina Hendrick, Natalie Hill APN

 Downtown Medical Building
Hannah Lair, APN
 Hanover Medical Building
 Dr. Thomas Barley
 Vevay - Internal Medicine/Pediatrics | SCMB
 Dr. Scott Frede / Hannah Lair (Thursdays)
 Provider Assistance 
 Call the New Patient Request Line

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