Community Impact

Physicians, employees, and volunteers of King's Daughters' Health are proud to help the organization meet its mission to improve the health of our patients through care, service, and education.  Providing quality, efficient healthcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year is our most valuable contribution to the communities we serve.

At the same time, KDH provides a significant impact to the local economy.  KDH is a major employer and purchaser of goods and services.  Across the country, hospital are critical to the economic impact of local communities.

Ripple Effect
In 2013, King's Daughters' Health employed 873 full-time healthcare professionals with a total payroll of $66,191,041.  Many of these payroll funds were reinvested into the local economy - creating and supporting other jobs.  Local peopel spend money on homes, groceries, goods, and other services.

In 2013, KDH spent $10,375,040 on buildings and equipment.  Upgrading and maintaining facilities helps us provide patients and families the best care.  It's also important for us to provide advances and upgrades in technology.

Purchases Services
KDH spends millions of dollars every year on goods and services.  In 2013, local spending topped $1.2 million dollors (this includes utilities, donations, and other services).

In 2013, KDH served as the local agency for Indiana Tobacco Cessation Prevention grants that totaled $84,075.  These funds provide education, counseling, and assistance to patients and individuals who want to quit tobacco use.  Funds also support education and prevention programs in local schools.

Charity Care
In 2013, KDH provided $2,484,826 in direct charity care.  This is nearly double the amount provided between in recent years (KDH provided $1,327,858 in direct charity care in 2010-2011).  Patients that receive charity care are not billed for services.  Charity care is provided with no anticipation of payment.  In tough times, our commitment to delivering care is increasingly important. 

Unreimbursed Care
The federal government continues to reduce its Medicare and Medicaid payments to hospitals across the country.  When treating Medicare patients, KDH receives only 71 percent of the cost of care, and about 31 percent for Medicaid patients.  We combine these numbers as unreimbursed or uncompensated care.  The numbers reflect the actual costs to KDH in terms of employee wages, supplies, etc.  In 2013, our unreimbursed costs were $32,486,871.

EMS / Ambulance Services
Since October 1, 1985, KDH has been Jefferson County's 911 ambulance provider.  The hospital was certified in advance life support in September 1988 and continues to serve Jefferson County today.  This provides a significant savings to Jefferson County taxpayers, as the county is responsible for providing Emergency Medical Services.  Since 1997, KDH has provided ambulance services without any financial assistance from the county.  This alone has saved Jefferson County taxpayers $1.6 million dollars. Today, KDH absorbs an average operating loss of $850,000 per year to provide ambulance coverage.  The loss is the difference between the actual costs of staffing, ambulances, fuel, medication, and materials versus the amount of dollars received from care provided.

The Jefferson County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Coalition, in conjunction with KDH, is a group of community leaders and residents working to diminish the consequences of tobacco use in Jefferson County (Indiana).  Goal ... To improve the condition of Jefferson County residents and reduce effects of tobacco in the county.  Facts of note:

  • KDH is a smoke-free environment dedicated to helping our patients become healthier and maintain good health.
  • Tobacco use kills more than 9,700 Hoosiers every year and costs the State of Indiana more than $2 billion annually in health care costs - per the CDC.
  • Our high smoking rate is killing Hoosiers, dramatically inflating healthcare costs, and making it difficult for companies to do business in Indiana.  The economic burden of smoking is estimated to be about $3, 391 per smoker per year.  Everyone shares in the annual expense for smoking - more than $559 per Hoosier household - whether they smoke or not.
  • The Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) has served over 84,000 Hoosiers since its launch in 2006 (ITPC).

If you would like additional information, or would be interested in participating in the Coalition, contact Nadja Boone at (812) 801-0128 or via e-mail at


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